Young people are invited to take free online courses

Islamabad: The President of the International Islamic University, Dr. Hathal Homoud Alotaibi has urged young people to benefit from free online courses to acquire knowledge and skills for a better future.

He was addressing new students at an orientation ceremony at Faisal Masjid, which was also attended by IUI Vice Presidents, Deans, Chief Executives, Professors, Senior Faculty Members and the officials concerned.

The IUI President urged students to adopt patience and consistency to succeed.

He said that education requires hard work, immense dedication and devotion.

Dr. Hathal, emphasizing the importance of virtual learning, urged students to embrace free virtual courses online.

“You are the future, take responsibility and raise the lamp of knowledge, we will always be there to make your life a real success,” he told the students.

The IUI President said that the university is preparing a program based on the latest changes and trends to make our place among the best universities in the world.

He urged students to spread peace while reiterating determination that Islamic character building, disciplined conduct and a peaceful learning atmosphere be ensured on campus.

“I wish you a good journey of education” he prayed at the end of his speech.

On this occasion, the IIU also inaugurated the website of the Department of Student Advisors.

In his speech, the University Vice-President of the IIU, Prof. Ayaz Afsar, explained the international nature of the university.

He said the university welcomes students from more than 40 countries and a campus dedicated to female students is a unique distinction.

Dr Ayaz said the IIUI was recently ranked among the 200 “youngest” universities in the world.

He also shared the accolades won by university researchers who are among the top 2% in the world.

The vice president also said that the university is focused on all aspects of providing elite learning resources and that the university will soon have a separate library for female students.

The Vice President of Women’s Campus, Prof. Dr. Samina Malik, in her speech, focused on the Islamic character of the university, its traditions, its approach to adopting modern trends and the peaceful learning environment. .

She discussed the distinction of a separate campus from the university and also shared the management’s vision for inculcating Islamic teachings and its efforts to produce balanced and harmonious minds.

Previously, Student Advisors Dr. Tauqeer Hussain Sargana and Dr. Summiya Chughtai in the opening remarks briefed on the vision, facilities and major events under the Department of Student Affairs and Code of Conduct.

They talked about extracurricular activities, sports, fitness facilities, career counseling and recreational activities.