Woman reveals secret job to her parents using PowerPoint presentation

A video related to the massive disclosure of a “secret” using a PowerPoint presentation has created a buzz on the Internet. A Portland woman recently took to Microsoft Office functionality to reveal to her parents that she is a pole dance dancer at a strip club. The unusual ultimate disclosure presentation is now one of the most talked about videos on the internet.

The video was first uploaded to a video-sharing platform by the presenter’s sister, who sat next to their parents as the presentation unfolded. @mildwestsami shared the full video which recorded the very formal presentation and subsequent conversations. “My sister made a PowerPoint to tell my parents she’s a stripper,” she captioned the video. The video of Lex telling his parents that she is a stripper at a nightclub has spread like wildfire. Take a look at the video:

According to NYPost, the presentation was created by Lex. As the shared video rolls around, Lex can be seen outfitted with all the slides compiled in a most organized form. Before starting the slideshow, Lex added a little disclaimer. “Today I am revealing a secret to you. I am telling you this simply because I want the people I trust and love the most to know what is going on in my life and have the joy of sharing. my trip with my family, ”Lex said. Then she started with a fairly detailed explanation level by level. The slideshow also featured a post-session FAQ where Lex proudly informed her parents that she was paying her taxes regularly and not indulging in “income under the table.” During the session, both parents displayed their unconditional support and pride for their daughter. Lex’s mother also appreciated her for the truth and told her that she was happy to be powerful.

Internet users salute the girl’s confidence

The unconventional conversation technique has also garnered the love and support of internet users. The nearly 3-minute video garnered over 857.4,000 likes and was shared over 34,000 times. People loved his trust and honesty. Some also appreciated the parents for their support.

Image Credit: Unsplash / Rep

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