Utah Lawmaker Used Well Known LDS Church PowerPoint Template For Legislative Presentation

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Dog whistle or mistake? Utah lawmaker uses LDS Church PowerPoint template for presentation

During his presentation on the integrity of the elections to the Interim Judicial Committee on Wednesday, Representative Steve Christiansen used a PowerPoint presentation on a template that seemed very familiar to some watching the hearing.

Presentation slide from Rep. Steve Christiansen, R-West Jordan.

Turns out Christiansen used a PowerPoint template that appears to come from her work with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A look at the properties of the document uploaded to the legislative website shows that it is titled “Salt Lake Temple Alta Club Exchange”. The owner is listed as Dean M. Davies, a general authority who died last month.

Properties of a presentation used by Representative Steve Christiansen, R-West Jordan.

The title appears to refer to a land swap in 2017 between the Alta Club and LDS Church.

On the Advanced Properties tab, a field explicitly identifies the owner as “LDS Church”.

Properties of a document uploaded by Representative Steve Christiansen, R-West Jordan.

Google search reveals that this exact model has been used for several other Church-related presentations around the world:

It is not clear whether Christiansen lazily used the model of his position as director of presidential episcopal projects for the Church or whether this was a deliberate signal to other Church members who would recognize the aspect. familiar with the slideshow.

Christiansen has been a strong supporter of auditing the 2020 Utah election results.

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Corps législatif


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Rep. Paul Ray and former Reps James Gowans and Curt Webb celebrate their birthdays on Sunday.

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– Connor Sanders of the Tribune contributed to this report.

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