The University Grants Commission’s decision to allow private colleges to offer online courses clashes

The Association of Self-Funded Colleges of Arts, Sciences and Management in Tamilnadu has opposed the decision of the University Grants Commission to allow private colleges to offer online courses. In a statement, Association President Ajeet Kumar Lal Mohan said the UGC cited the increase in the gross enrollment rate as the reason for allowing private colleges ranked in the top 100 of the NIRF list in the past three years or with a minimum CGPA of 3.26. offer the courses online. The Association opposed this decision as it would leave society with graduates lacking in skills and quality, as education was not just about acquiring a degree. It was a combination of perfection, excellence, teaching, learning, infrastructure, research and innovative practices. The UGC’s decision would lead to the situation where applicants who had completed a graduate program in colleges would be treated equally with those who had completed an online graduate program. It was surprising that the UGC, an organization supposed to improve the quality of education and create a pool of qualified graduates, tried to dilute quality through movement. This would lead to more unemployment, Mr Mohan argued and added that in a state like Tamil Nadu with a gross enrollment ratio of 51.4, such a move was unnecessary. And, in due course, universities and colleges would lose their relevance.