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If you use Microsoft PowerPoint for your slideshows, you know that creating a presentation with a template can save you a lot of time. A template gives you a boost in design, layout, and visual theme so you can focus more on your content.

If you are looking for a new template that you can use for various purposes, these are the best PowerPoint templates out there. Their versatility allows you to use them for business, education, marketing, and more.

Blue People Centered Business Model

Ideal for social media, marketing, business or networking

For a free template that gives you plenty of infographic styles to work with, you’ll like this business related blue design.

The template includes 48 slides featuring editable shapes and icons, as well as charts that you can edit in Excel. Choose your design to display a timeline or project process, product details, quotes or company mission, and team information. You also have image placeholders to easily add your own photos or artwork.

Educational note page template

Ideal for education, children or staff

Note page educational PowerPoint template.

With a notes page and stickers on each slide, this free PowerPoint template is great for lessons, kids, or a fun personal slideshow.

The template features 85 slides with a dozen instructions, font styles, colors, shapes, icons, and other assets. You can choose from different layouts for table of contents, section dividers, column designs, tables, charts, quotes, timelines, and more. If you want complete flexibility with a stationery theme, this is your template.

Note: Some slides are reserved for Premium users.

Coins and money pattern

Ideal for finance, banking or other money related industries

Coins Financial PowerPoint Template.

If you want a money themed template, this free option for PowerPoint puts coins and paper money on each slide, which appear on a black background.

The template offers 59 slides, including a few with editable icons, shapes, and PNG images. Got slides for section breaks, timelines, and charts in different infographic styles. Check out the portfolio slides for photos of your team or locations. If your industry is finance or your business is money, you can put this template in the piggy bank.

Elegant Botanical Theme Template

Ideal for artistic, beauty, service or personal

Elegant botanical PowerPoint template.

For a truly charming pattern with botanical accents, this free PowerPoint template has a lot to offer when it comes to style.

The template includes 24 slides with editable icons, talking points, quote placeholders, and text emphasis. You can view a process or timeline, add details about your team, and insert contact information. Whether your presentation needs a nature theme or you just want a sophisticated design, check this one out.

Unique model, black and gold

Ideal for marketing, organizations, advertising or individuals

Unique black and gold PowerPoint template.

For a design that’s a bit galactic and classic at the same time, take a look at this free black and gold pattern.

The template has 56 slides to cover the content you want to insert. Several slides help you use the template, including instructions, font style names, HEX codes for colors, editable graphics, shapes, and icons. You’ll see layouts for a table of contents, charts, tables, world map, timeline, calendar, and text with bullet points. Be sure to take a look at this complete model.

Earth color creative pattern

Ideal for art, design and creative services

Create an earth-colored PowerPoint template.

The subtle colors and attractive accents of this free pattern are great for most creative fields or industries.

The template includes 47 slides with editable shapes and icons along with font styles and template colors so you can match everything perfectly. Use slides, charts, and two- or three-column charts, as well as table or timeline designs. You also have a grid gallery, spots for mobile app screenshots, and a place for photos and names.

Pastel and geometric multipurpose pattern

Ideal for art, beauty, children or personal

Pastel Geometric PowerPoint Template.

With pretty pastels and a geometric design, this free pattern has an attractive and artistic feel.

The template features 26 slides with editable icons, two different table of contents layouts, and a slide for your team details. If you have an app or website, you can add screenshots to the device placeholders. And if you want to show the locations of services, products or offices, use your own fill colors for the countries on the world map.

Colorful and geometric multipurpose pattern

Ideal for any industry, product, service or personal

Colorful Geometric PowerPoint Template.

For splashes of color, 3D shapes, and an easy way to adjust the color scheme, this free pattern is a great option.

The template includes 22 slides with editable icons that you can use everywhere. You can use the table of contents for an overview of your presentation, the image placeholders to bring up your own images, and the timeline slide for any kind of project progress. Use as many or as few slides as you want and adjust colors using Themes in the PowerPoint Design tab.

Multipurpose pattern of abstract and wavy lines

Ideal for any industry, product, service or personal

Abstract Wavy Line PowerPoint Template.

Another free PowerPoint template that is suitable for most presentation types is this abstract design. You have bright colors on a soothing black background for a professional yet lively appearance.

The template has 48 slides that include editable shapes and icons. It can accommodate any type of content you want to add, from text to images. You’ll see different styles for timelines, processes, organization, and team details so you can use the slides that work best for you.

Minimalist Gray Versatile Pattern

Ideal for any industry, product or service

Minimalist Gray PowerPoint Template.

Maybe color isn’t your thing or just a little too much for your slideshow. This Free Minimalist PowerPoint Template has a gray color scheme and a simple design.

The template includes eight slides, making it ideal for shorter presentations. However, you can duplicate the entire set of slides to reuse layouts. There’s a nice intro slide, bullet points, images, gallery, and text snippets that you can replace with your own.

Where can I get the best templates for PowerPoint?

As a PowerPoint user, start with the templates provided by Microsoft. After all, you can access these templates directly in the PowerPoint application. For PowerPoint on the web, visit Microsoft Templates to place.

If you want to venture into additional options, the PowerPoint templates in this list come from sites that offer a lot more options than what you see here:

What is the best PowerPoint template?

The best PowerPoint template depends on your mission and your needs. You can always use a multipurpose template, but if your business, service, or product has a particular theme, take a look at these topic-related templates. If a theme isn’t important, also consider holiday or seasonal designs.

Also, review the included slides to see if they cover your content needs. You might need a timeline or a process chart, or maybe an image gallery slide is essential. Make sure the template contains the layouts and elements you need.

What are the best free PowerPoint templates?

The ones on this list! Again, take a look at the additional options offered by the sites listed above. They have free and paid templates clearly marked if they offer both.

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