The Best Free Online Courses Everyone Should Take This Year

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The days of graduating from college, starting a career and never looking back are long gone. Lifelong learning is not just a catch phrase, it is an essential aspect of survival. Even a cursory glance over the past few decades reveals how quickly things are changing, not just in terms of actual work, but also in the way we work, collaborate, and measure success.

Chances are you’ll change careers at some point in your life, depending on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people change jobs an average of 5.7 times when they are under 24 and about twice on average when they are over 45. keep both your technical and soft skills sharp if you want to be successful in the future.

Luckily, there are tons of resources to help you out, including a wide range of free online courses that can help keep you up to date. Sites like Coursera, Udemy, and edX all offer a comprehensive list of free courses, many from top colleges and universities (including Ivy League schools, if you think that matters). These courses are completely online and can usually be taken at your own pace, and they include skills that almost everyone will need in the years to come, regardless of your profession.

Take this free course on logistics and project management

Anyone who has worked professionally for the past few years knows that almost everyone is expected to be a bit of a project manager. And mastering logistics and project management skills doesn’t just benefit you professionally – our personal lives are also getting more chaotic by the minute, and working remotely means we juggle everything from meetings from morning to afternoon laundry, on the same schedule.

To master everything, a course like “Introduction to Project Management” at the University of Adelaide is ideal. Completely free, this course will give you the basics of project management and teach you how to apply them in your professional and personal life. This includes how to set priorities, how to determine the scope of any project, and how to establish manageable timelines and realistic costs.

Take this free course for problem solving and decision making

Managers like people who can solve problems on their own. Being a problem solver requires confidence and the ability to be decisive, but it must be coupled with experience and understanding. On the other hand, the feeling that you are underqualified and constantly making terrible decisions is universal.

A free online course that can help you is “Effective problem solving and decision making.” This course will help you develop critical thinking skills, which are the foundation of problem solving. It will also teach you to identify mental roadblocks that can lead to decision paralysis, risk analysis, and other skills useful for assessing problems and developing solutions.

Take this free course for programming and computer science

You don’t necessarily have to be an expert computer programmer who can create an application during your lunch hour, but more and more you To do need to understand the basics of conceptualizing, developing, and deploying these tools, if only because you’re more and more likely to interact with a development team at some point.

A solid introduction to computing will give you a great foundation for the future we are all already living in. “Introduction to Computing” is a big choice. It offers insight into both the conceptual skills involved (including algorithmic thinking, abstraction, data structures, software engineering, and web development), as well as a dip in practical skills such as programming languages ​​and development platforms. After this course, you will be able to follow when people start discussing the resources needed to develop software tools.

Take this free course for mindfulness and happiness

You should never underestimate the importance of soft skills, and one of the most crucial is your own sanity and happiness. This has become all the more vital as more and more of us find ourselves working, sleeping and living in the same confined space all the time. It’s easy to contract Space Madness when you never leave your apartment (or put on pants).

Happiness and mindfulness aren’t lucky accidents – there’s a science behind them. The University of California at Berkeley offers “The Science of Happiness” which will educate you in positive psychology, an emerging concept that will teach you practical strategies to support psychological and emotional well-being. In a world more and more distant, ensuring your mental and emotional health will be more important than ever.

Take this free course for machine learning

If you can’t beat them, join them. We are not yet exactly at Skynet’s level, but it is estimated that in the next few years, artificial intelligence driven automation will be cut up to 85 million jobs.

There is no clearer sign that skills aligned with AI and machine learning will be absolutely essential to everyone’s professional and personal future. After all, chances are we all have to interact with AI in some way..

Stanford University Offers machine learning“, a broad introduction to the field that will give you a solid understanding of data mining, pattern recognition, different ways AI can learn, and best practices. As machines get smarter and AI tools become more widespread, we all have no choice but to get smarter too, if only to keep up.

These courses are all free in terms of money, but you will have to invest your most precious resource: your time. IIf you want to stay afloat in an uncertain future, however, the benefits are worth it.