The 5 best online courses to master Advanced Excel

Knowing the ins and outs of Microsoft Excel is a formidable skill required in businesses around the world today. The good news is that learning Excel online is easy, easy, and fun.

Most online courses also come with a professional certificate that allows you to showcase your newfound skills in data analysis.

Here, we’ll take a look at the five courses that teach you how to master advanced Excel with ease.

Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel by Rice University Coursera

Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel is one of those online courses designed to help you master the world of business statistics. You can find it on Coursera, and it’s provided by Rice University, which happens to be one of the top 20 universities in the United States and one of the top 100 in the world.

Part of Coursera’s Business Statistics and Analysis specialization, the course takes you from basic operations such as reading, organizing and manipulating data using various formats to advanced features such as filtering data. and the use of pivot tables.

In addition, the course covers four modules in four weeks and offers free registration. The first module, Introduction to Spreadsheets, introduces you to the basic data functions of Excel, such as formatting rows and columns, using formulas, and using absolute referencing features and relative.

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The second module Spreadsheet Functions for Organizing Data introduces learners to Excel features such as IF, Nested IF, VLOOKUP, and HLOOKUP. The third module is an introduction to filtering, PivotTables, and Charts, while the fourth Advanced Charts and Charts module covers Histograms, Scatterplots, and Pivot Charts.

Analyzing Data with Udemy Excel Pivot Tables

Pivot tables are one of the most crucial tools that data analysts and business leaders rely on. This is because it helps you extract vital information from large business databases.

This online course from Udemy covers all the tiny aspects of PivotTables and gives you all the ways you can implement them in your work environment. Plus, with this course, you get lifetime access to project files, quizzes, homework, and all the support you receive during the course.

In addition to revolutionizing your workflow using Excel, this course helps you test your skills with ten real-life case studies, including weather, shark attacks, burrito notes, wine tastings, and others. The lessons in this course are effective and interactive, and the course is highly rated on Udemy.

Data Visualization with Advanced Excel by PwC Coursera

In this online course offered by PwC, you will learn how to use PowerPivot to create advanced databases and data models.

In the first half of the course, you will get hands-on instruction on advanced features of Excel 2013. This means that you can practice your skills by performing what-if analysis or using Excel’s built-in tools such as tables. data, scenario manager, goal finder and solver.

In the second half of the course, you will learn how to visualize data to tell a story, create complex charts, and Power View reports to create dynamic dashboards. Additionally, you review the basics of data visualization and dashboard for exploring data.

Plus, the course allows for free registration and you can have flexible deadlines that fit your busy schedule. You get certified upon completion of the completion, and it takes around 15 hours.

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If you are just getting started and looking to hone your data analysis and presentation skills, this course is the best choice. You can also audit the course to read and view the course material for free.

Data Analytics for Decision Making by Rochester Institute of Technology edX

With the goal of turning learners into data citizens, this edX online course includes three modules Data Literacy Foundations, Data Processing and Analysis with Excel, and Data Representation and Visualization in Tableau.

Provided by the Rochester Institute of Technology, this program is unique in teaching you practical knowledge that you can use to interpret and organize data. These three skill building courses are fully self-paced.

While you can progress at a speed that works best for you, a commitment of six to eight hours per week can help you complete the program after three months.

From helping you learn how to clean data and create a data analysis plan, to critically appraising graphical representations for data accuracy and misrepresentation, this course is all about applying your critical thinking skills to work with data.

Upon completion of this program, you earn a Professional Certificate in Data Analysis for Decision Making.

Master Microsoft Excel and Excel VBA Udemy macros

Organized for the Udemy Business collection, the Microsoft Excel Macros and Excel VBA Master is an online course that includes full lifetime access to material, 17 downloadable resources, and five hours of interactive video-on-demand learning.

Being a project-based course, this course walks you through key concepts in VBA programming while helping you identify and use best practices in creating Excel macros.

When you participate in this course, you learn to automate placement and formatting, create formulas, and interact with macro users using input and message boxes.

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Besides, you can also clean up multiple worksheets, create a main report worksheet based on multiple data sets, use Excel VBA user forms, and effortlessly import data from external text files.

The course covers seven projects out of a set of 64 lectures and is one of the best-selling courses on Udemy. If you want to automate everyday Excel tasks and not do them manually anymore, this course teaches you how to get Microsoft Excel to do all the work for you.

Improve your data analysis game at your own pace

All of these classes are tailored to your pace, meaning they’ll fit into your busy schedule perfectly. You will be able to master advanced data analysis at your own pace. You get a certificate at the end of each course, which you can proudly use in the future.

Since most of these courses cover using Excel for business operations, you will need a basic idea of ​​Excel functionality to get the most out of these online courses.

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