Take these online courses to boost your CV


Writing a presentable and comprehensive resume for colleges, internships, and employment opportunities is an important and often difficult step for students. However, there are many online courses and resources available to enhance your writing achievement. In high schools today, the goal is often to do whatever you can to fill the gap, regardless of your interests and applicability to your intended career path. Often, student resumes are filled with irrelevant and inapplicable “skills” that do not push them to the top of the hiring or admissions pools. No matter where you are in your college career, these online courses can help you show off your many qualifications and give your resume its full potential.

1. Learning on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a wide variety of online courses that are easily applied to any resume. Available to people who are registered with LinkedIn through an organization such as a university or through a LinkedIn Learning subscription, the program offers specialized education in the topics most applicable to your job search. LinkedIn uses data from your profile and job search criteria to create a course profile that will be most useful to you. In addition, at the end of each course, you receive a certificate of completion which further validates your knowledge of the subject. Some of the most common online courses offered through LinkedIn are:

Microsoft Excel

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the tons of information in a spreadsheet? LinkedIn Learning in Excel’s online courses range from coverage of the basics to some of the more specialized techniques and tips needed to use the program successfully. Specialty courses include business analysis, supply chain analysis, corporate finance for professionals, and more.

Microsoft powerpoint

Want to make beautiful PowerPoint presentations to wow your class or employers? Try LinkedIn Learning’s PowerPoint courses to help you. Online courses in PowerPoint, like Excel, offer several lessons to specialize in the different components of the program and how to use them to their full potential.


Python is a high level programming language used by many companies around the world. LinkedIn Learning offers several online courses for mastering Python, both in its stand-alone functions and its integration with other platforms such as Microsoft Excel.


LinkedIn offers a variety of courses related to marketing and how using it effectively can build your brand and professional success. Many of their courses specialize in social media marketing, a skill that is becoming more and more applicable day by day.

General improvement course

LinkedIn offers many general development courses, as well as those from specialized programs, to help with organization, productivity, and personal growth. These courses, while not designed for a specific career path, are extremely useful for any student looking to work on themselves and their abilities. Some of the more popular topics include “Unlocking Your Potential”, “Habits of Success” and “Self-Compassion”.

A LinkedIn Learning subscription costs $ 29.99 per month for a monthly subscription or $ 19.99 per month for an annual subscription. Both subscriptions include the option for a one-month free trial. If you already have a LinkedIn Premium account (highly recommended!), You’ll have free access to everything LinkedIn Learning has to offer.

2. Language learning

Learning a new language can seem daunting, but there are many online courses that make it fun and easy. A variety of apps and websites offer affordable study plans and guided lessons to help you with your language learning efforts.


This language learning app could be mistaken for a game because it is so much fun! The developers created Duolingo, which offers courses in over 20 languages, to inspire students of all ages to adopt a new language. Duolingo uses “gamification” to encourage its users to keep learning and not put their devices down. It doesn’t just focus on monotonous grammar; there are many different categories in each lesson that allow users to learn vocabulary essential for conversational speaking.

The original Duolingo is free for all learners. However, they also offer Duolingo Plus which is an ad-free experience that also provides access to courses offline. Duolingo offers many subscription options to meet the needs of all students who choose this path. A one-month subscription costs $ 9.99 per month, a six-month subscription costs $ 7.99 per month, and a one-year subscription costs $ 6.99 per month. If you are a student, you are entitled to a student account which costs only $ 3.49 per month for unlimited classes.


Although its animations are less colorful and exciting, Babbel is another app that makes learning languages ​​through an online course easy and accessible. This app is best for a deeper understanding of the language at a conversational and grammatical level, while incorporating interesting activities and lesson plans.

Babbel’s monthly subscription starts at $ 12.95 per month and decreases with multiple monthly subscription packs (three, six, and 12 months for $ 26.85, $ 44.70, and $ 83.40, respectively.) It’s more expensive than Duolingo, but it’s a great option for users who want more in-depth instruction.


If you’re looking for a completely free option to learn a new language, Spotify has plenty of online courses in its podcast section. Simply search for the language you want to learn on the app and a list of podcasts will appear. It’s a great way to learn if you’re on the move a lot, whether it’s in the car, on the plane, or even at work. Because this is all audio, there is no “gamification” and most of the understanding is achieved through recitation and audio.

A standard Spotify subscription is free for all users. You can buy Spotify Premium subscription starting at $ 9.99 per month for ad-free and offline listening. They also offer student and family plans, priced at $ 4.99 and $ 14.99 respectively.

3. Codecademy

Coding has quickly taken over the professional world and is a more than valuable skill to add to your resume. Knowing where to start with coding seems difficult, especially if you’ve never tried it before. However, Codecademy is a great way to solve this problem. Codecademy offers online courses on all aspects of coding, from building a website to data analysis, and on all topics they have you covered and will help you every step of the way. In their classes, you’ll code and create stunning projects in minutes, and receive valuable feedback on how you can improve your work.

Codecademy costs $ 19.99 per month after an initial 7-day free trial, which gives you access to everything Codecademy has to offer.

Building your resume may seem difficult at first, but with a little time and determination it can be done. Check out one of these options to help you on your resume journey!