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REWARDING WORK: Sarah Lance and Lee Prestwood said the work at the Murray Bridge Community Center is very rewarding. Photo: Supplied.

Tafe SA will introduce new training for skilled workers in the local community service sector at its Murray Bridge campus due to growing demand.

Starting in Quarter 4, TAFE SA will provide on-campus face-to-face training in the Certificate III in Community Services and applications are open for a Diploma in Community Services to be offered in Semester 1, 2022.

Director of Education Partnerships Sarah Lance said the qualifications would prepare students for a range of rewarding roles in the local community service sector.

“A quick search for job openings in Murray Bridge and the surrounding area reveals more than 40 positions currently vacant for staff in the community service sector,” said Ms. Lance.

“We have consulted with employers to identify their workforce needs and believe this new community service course will equip students with the skills they need to potentially fill these roles.

“Working in this industry is a great way to give back to your local community. “

Versatile qualifications can lead to roles in mental health, advocacy support, and youth work, as well as counters for various services, including employment providers and Centrelink.

Murray Bridge Council Wellness and Inclusion Officer Lee Prestwood also volunteers at the Murray Bridge Community Center and said she is able to help a variety of people through her roles.

“Every day I meet new people with amazing stories and it’s so satisfying to be able to help them, whether it’s a small step or something that changes their lives, it’s truly rewarding,” said Ms. Prestwood.

Lee, who has an advanced degree in community service, said the new qualifications would provide people with the resilience and personal skills needed to support and help those in need.

“It’s great to have this training offered locally. The new courses will play a key role in providing our local employers and support organizations with the skilled staff that a growing city needs, ”she said.

Sarah Smith has worked at the Murray Bridge Community Center for five years and is a familiar face to the centre’s volunteers and clients.

She studied a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science and said working at the community center gave her the chance to help locals connect with each other.

“I want to provide options for our local community to thrive and our center enables the sharing of resources and the social interaction that is so important,” Ms. Smith said.

Sarah Lance said the new courses can open a path to university studies, which can also be completed locally.

“You can start with a Certificate III in Community Service, earn a degree and eventually move on to a university course such as Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences or Youth Work, all of which can be done externally here at Murray Bridge in the United States. Murray River Study. Hub, ”Ms. Lance said.

For more information on the Certificate III in Community Services or the Diploma of Community Services, visit www.tafesa.edu.au or call the Murray Bridge Campus.

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