Sharpen Your Project Management Skills With These Deeply Discounted Online Courses

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Whether you’re starting your own candle business or hoping to get your existing staff back on track for success, understanding the ins and outs of project management can do wonders for your business. But let’s say you feel overwhelmed with the different programs and certifications available. In that case, there are some great online courses you can take to become a competent and skilled project manager, and you’ll never even have to set foot in a classroom.

With the ten courses in the 2022 Deeply Practical Quality and Project Management Exam Prep Pack, you’ll learn how to juggle the many happenings in just about any type of business. Indeed, each lesson focuses on some of the most critical practices that professional project managers work with, including the fundamentals of Six Sigma, a framework designed to help propel business performance.

Each highly rated course is led by professional project managers, entrepreneurs and experienced training teams, all designed to introduce you to today’s most relevant business management practices. For example, there is one course in the program led by the renowned William Stewart Ph.D., PMP, a business management professional with 25 years of experience and a 4.5-star instructor rating on 5, turning real experience into invaluable lessons. on risk management, systems integration and much more.

Whether you know a little about project management or are totally green on the subject, there are courses in the 2022 Deeply Practical Project Management and Grade Management Exam Preparation Pack for all levels of experience. In fact, the entire program can guide you through the many levels of project management training, train you in crucial certifications that will help you land jobs, qualify for raises, and beyond.

The Deeply Practical 2022 Project Management and Quality Management Exam Prep Pack is heavily discounted at just $34.99, or about $3.50 per class.

Prices subject to change.