SAMRO offers 500 members free online courses

eAr Academy is a new local music school dedicated to enriching the lives of learners through music education. The institute offers unique courses, which focus on seven instruments and different areas of music such as theory, sight reading and ear training.

Classes include Weight Loss Sessions, which are personalized practice sessions with access to expert teachers allowing students to learn at their own pace.

The lessons have been designed to inspire musicians with informative and rigorous material suitable for students at all stages of learning – from beginners to more advanced levels. They aim to introduce students to new or additional instruments, to refresh, broaden and deepen their musical sense, and to expand their musical career with new knowledge and skills.

Following the partnership, SAMRO members have been provided with necessary details on how to apply to attend eAr Academy courses, according to a statement posted on SAMRO’s Facebook page.

eAr Academy was founded by award-winning double bassist, producer, composer and educator Hein Van de Geyn and saxophonist, composer and producer Rus Nerwich who has seven solo albums and is behind the first Tones of Note booking agency and the Woodstock Academy of Music.

“With nearly a century of combined musical creation between us, we have realized that true musicality comes from many sources,” the founders said. “Formal music education can be great, but it’s often genre-specific and tends to take a very cerebral approach.

Online learning, on the other hand, can be one-dimensional, over-gamified or under-structured. We wanted to offer something really rounded and grounded. more complete and a much deeper appreciation of music: that it would help you to become both musically educated and aurally elevated.