Romanian educational platform aims to reduce school dropout with online courses for students, a Romanian educational platform launched last year to help local students catch up on lessons missed during the pandemic, will diversify its content this summer with new extracurricular courses and applied courses focusing on skills and active learning .

The objective of the platform is to support and continue the much-needed process of post-pandemic remedial education and to help the younger generation prepare in a practical way for future challenges.

In addition to the already existing subjects in the compulsory curriculum for grades 0-8 (Romanian, Mathematics, History and Geography), NaradiX offers students new courses and teachings, such as STEM content (Biology, Physics and Chemistry), English lessons, as well as extra-curricular subjects in civic education, environmental education, personal development, including teacher training, integration of refugee students and introductory courses in the Ukrainian language, with options Ukrainian- English and Ukrainian-Romanian. This complementary course is developed in collaboration with other organizations and specialists in the field.

“With, we aim to prepare for the challenges of the future, a new generation of young people who possess both practical skills and knowledge in emotional intelligence, personal development, etc., all necessary for a balanced and complete training The is where students not only learn but also discover something completely new: this school can be instructive and a lot of fun if it is adapted to the times we live in,” says Andra Munteanu, president of Narada.

More than 20,000 students have caught up with school content in the past year on with the help of 2,039 teachers. The platform was designed by Narada with the support of strategic partner Global Vision to prevent dropouts.

The pandemic has caused a global learning crisisand Romanian children experienced learning delays from 4 to 6 months. In addition, around 259,000 children did not have access to online lessons due to lack of technology, connectivity or electricity, according to data from the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research. shows.

These factors have amplified the problems of the Romanian education system. A recent study shows that 42% of Romanian students are illiterate and unable to interpret information or think for themselves.

The platform aims to reduce or eliminate the gaps created during the pandemic and prevent dropouts.

In addition to providing free access to students and teachers who can also use it as a work tool during their holidays, NaradiX aims to connect students with each other or with teachers from all over the country for any questions or advice on the chat. Naradi X.

Currently, has more than 20,000 students and 2,039 registered teachers, 6,099 courses, 161 tests and almost 400 prizes won by the most diligent students, including school supplies offered by BIC Romania and delivered by the logistics partner DPD Romania.

A year after the launch of the platform, students have completed approximately 170,000 lessons leading to the acquisition of self-directed learning skills, increased competitiveness and self-confidence. was viewed by Romanian children from 135 countries and 695,000 students, parents and teachers visited the platform.

Launched in 2017, the Narada Foundation has imagined, designed and adapted initiatives that help reduce the illiteracy rate in Romania and bring education into the 21st century. Narada is a project created under the aegis of the Romanian Foundation of Entrepreneurs.

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