Purdue University offers 9-month online courses in Full Stack Development, Blockchain, and Cloud Development

Purdue University, USA offers certificate courses in Full Stack Development, Blockchain Development and Cloud Backend. The three blended courses last nine months each and involve a cumulative total of 1100 hours of learning.

The minimum eligibility requirements for these programs are a high school diploma or equivalent. A bachelor’s degree is encouraged along with hands-on experience with C++, java, javascript, python, data structures and algorithms. Launched in partnership with the upGrad, working professionals who wish to launch their careers in specialized technological fields can apply for the course.

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The Full Stack Development and Cloud Backend Development Certificate Program includes 10 assignments each, to provide a hands-on learning experience. The blockchain program offers 4 missions under the program.

Each course is designed to cover the micro aspects of the topics, ranging from basic to advanced to build subject knowledge and application skills, the edtech organization explains.

The Full Stack Development curriculum will provide learners with the opportunity to master full stack development skills that include programming essentials, web design, APIs and microservices, DevOps, and more. The blockchain curriculum will focus more on skill development, including things like blockchain fundamentals and frameworks. , bitcoin concepts, blockchain architecture, ethereum, hyperledger, JavaScript, NodeJS, Git, and much more. The Cloud Backend Development program will cater to advanced learners with topics such as Cloud, MySQL-Amazon RDS, NoSQL Database-MongoDB, Backend Development, Web Application Backend Design and Development based on microservices, testing, debugging and containerization.

Launching the courses, Phalgun Kompalli, co-founder of upGrad, said, “We operate at a time when the latest technologies dominate job specifications and encourage professionals to acquire cutting-edge skills to meet the challenges of the market ahead. Recruiters are constantly on the lookout for digital technology talent who is well-versed in evolving programming languages ​​and technological nuances to drive maximum business growth. Therefore, the newly launched program in partnership with the elite university of Purdue, will further propel quality and utility-oriented learning for millions of people, which can be pursued alongside lucrative employment.

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“The pandemic-induced demand for cloud-related roles has widened the skills gap in the country and as a result, with the right set of programs and a strong academic network, we are poised to create the largest portfolio of programs technologies of the country, which is not only accessible but extremely profitable,” concluded Phalgun.

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