PowerPoint Presentations: Here Are Seven Tips To Improve Your Slides And Engage Your Audience

Whether it’s pitching an idea to potential investors for a business or your marketing team, PowerPoint presentations (PPTs) remain one of the most common platforms for creating and conveying your thoughts. You can make your presentation interesting not only with your content but also with visual effects.

However, most of the time we hear people say that they find PPTs boring no matter how good the content and design is. You need to know how to make your presentation effective and engaging to keep your audience engaged. All you need to do is hone your presentation skills and master some of PowerPoint’s lesser-known features.

Here are seven tips to improve your slides and retain your audience:

If you want to give a powerful and better presentation then you have to improve your presentation. You can follow these tips to become a better presenter:

-Describe your presentation and keep it simple: You need to outline your presentation before you start creating your PowerPoint deck. This will help you understand the structure of your PPT and ensure that there is some symmetry between the main ideas. There should be a logical flow upon delivery. You should focus on short, simple sentences and not overload your slides with too much text.

If you want an effective presentation, you should follow the 5/5/5 rule, which says that each line of text should be no more than 5 words. There should only be five lines of text in each slide and only five slides with text consecutively. Use less text and illustrations to convey your ideas.

-Do not read it: Let your slides express your idea. In most cases, we see people put everything on the slide and just read it. You need to articulate your key ideas in bullet points and add color and definition to the basic structure while speaking.

Try to keep your audience involved by asking tricky questions and organizing games and quizzes. You need to rehearse several times and familiarize yourself with the material so that you can speak confidently and improvisively without referring to the points.

-Add creative designs: You can become a better presenter by adding creative designs. From your design and fonts to theme color, everything plays a crucial role in making your PPT look good. However, these items will vary depending on the overall template of your PPT.

For example, you can use dark text on a light background, use appropriate colors, incorporate graphics and tables and other visual elements for effective presentation. You can add professional designs with attractive templates and layouts so that the audience can see your thoughts.

Talk to specific people during the presentation: You need to know where to place your eyes when making your presentation. We are often told that we have to look over the audience’s heads towards the back of the room to keep them engaged.

You shouldn’t be looking at anyone. Instead, you should make an effort to interact with specific people in the room. For example, you can look at an individual for a sentence or two, then change the position of your eyes and talk to someone else in the room.

-Use fewer transitions: You need to know how to make a simple yet powerful presentation to impress the audience. You have to be very careful when applying transitions to your slideshow. You can go for simple fades, but using wipes, slides, and other dramatic effects often seems sophomor. You have to be judicious when using visual effects. Minimize transitions in your slideshow.

-Add animated graphics and align your graphics: You can also use animated graphics and line up your graphics to give an effective presentation. Since each segment animates individually, you can format any type of chart in your PPT. This will help you draw attention to specific parts of the board as you discuss them.

You can also add various objects like shapes, lines, arrows, text boxes and other elements to your PPT. But aligning them can sometimes be a bit tricky.

– Close with a call to action: You need to put in as much effort to complete the presentation as you do to the rest of your slides. Don’t just end your presentation, it is recommended that you end with a call to action. Even if the audience doesn’t respond instantly, your powerful ending will give them something to think about.

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