OSHA Training Services offers free confined space entry training courses to OSHA personnel

Specialized training for CSHO and Consultants

Fortunately, now money and availability will no longer be barriers to OSHA compliance and consulting staff receive comprehensive, high quality training on OSHA confined space entry standards. »

—Curtis Chambers, CSP

USA, Aug. 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — An OSHA training company is doing its part to help improve the safety of workers who perform confined space entry operations. And they’re doing it by making their online Confined Space Entry Permit training courses available free of charge to federal and state OSHA compliance personnel, as well as OSHA consulting program personnel. OSHA State.

Curtis Chambers, president of OSHA Training Services Inc., explains why this training can benefit not only OSHA inspectors and consulting staff, but also employers and employees. “There are a lot of smart people in OSHA’s compliance and consulting ranks. However, many of them simply haven’t had the opportunity to undergo extensive training on OSHA’s permit-requiring confined space entry standards. As a result, I have participated in numerous OSHA inspections where a citation, or citations, for alleged violations of confined space entry standards requiring an OSHA permit are issued to an employer, so that in reality they should not have been. And this is usually due to the OSHA inspector’s lack of understanding of their own rules. The result is that the employer and OSHA administrators are unnecessarily tied up in lengthy negotiations or legal proceedings that are, frankly, a waste of everyone’s time and money.

“Conversely,” says Chambers, “I have seen cases where OSHA inspectors or consultation program personnel have inspected or assessed confined space entry operations or programs that did not meet OSHA confined space entry standards, but no citations or recommendations. was issued because the inspector was unaware that what he witnessed was a clear violation. And in these cases, workers continue to perform their jobs while being exposed to the dangers of confined spaces and non-compliant programs, which could prove fatal.

Chambers believes the reason for these inspection problems can often be attributed to the inability of many OSHA inspectors and consulting staff to get confined space training. “As a former safety officer in one of the state’s OSHA consulting programs, I have personally seen how infuriating it can be for OSHA compliance officers and state consultation inspectors to receive the thorough, high-quality training they need on complex OSHA standards such as confined space entry.There have been several times when I have literally begged my boss to let me attending specialized courses for OSHA Compliance Officers and Consulting Staff at the OSHA Training Institute in Chicago, however, there was usually no money in the budget to send me to Chicago for the course , or there was no free time available in my schedule to attend the training.

Fortunately, now money and availability will no longer be barriers to OSHA compliance and consulting staff who receive comprehensive, high-quality training on OSHA confined space entry standards. . “In order to show my appreciation for OSHA compliance officers and state consulting personnel doing an often thankless job, and, to help make confined space entry operations safer for all, we are offering to waive the cost for these professionals in the OSHA Application and Consultation Programs to complete one of our comprehensive online Confined Space Entry Training Courses Requiring a Permit for Construction or for the industry in general,” says Chambers.

The online confined space training courses offered are “on-demand”, which means that the learner can access their course at any time, logging in and out at will to train at their own pace when the time permits. The lessons are accompanied by a downloadable PDF notes package for use as the student progresses, and learning is validated by module quizzes and a final exam. And students who pass a courses can print their own personalized training certificate.

Federal and state OSHA compliance officers and their supervisors, as well as OSHA state consultation program personnel, who wish to complete one of these free online access training courses. confined spaces requiring a permit, should contact Mr. Chambers at [email protected] or call him at 877-771-6742.

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