Online courses offer tips for gardening enthusiasts | News

Gardening enthusiasts can participate in virtual educational opportunities offered by the University of Minnesota Extension.

A Gardening Knowledge for Free program will be offered at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 31, via the Zoom webinar. This program will feature Courtney Tchida, Director of Community Programs for the Minnesota State Horticultural Society. Tchida will share his 20+ years of experience, highlighting gardening planning for 2022. Using crop rotations (planting different crops from different families in the same location over time), companions (planning two or more crops that benefit each other), and successions (planting several crops in the same space during the season) can maximize productivity and minimize potential pests, diseases and weeds.

A virtual gardening education day is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 9, via the Zoom webinar. This year’s program will feature two speakers highlighting the beauty of lilies and hostas in the garden.

The first is Forrest Peiper, past president of the North Star Lily Society, past board member of the North American Lily Society, and NALS accredited lily judge. Peiper grows over 200 named varieties of lilies as well as his own hybrid seedlings in his garden at St Louis Park and on land leased from Shakopee. He will share his expertise by talking about the nature and care of the lilies currently available: Asiatics, Martagons, Trumpets and Aurelia, Orientals, species and interdivisional hybrids such as Orientpets. Also included are tips for buying lilies and sources of additional information. The presentation is illustrated with numerous photographs of representative and recommended varieties.

The second presentation will feature the hosta. Andy Marlow, current president of the American Hosta Society and past president of the Minnesota Hosta Society, will share the origin of hostas, how to grow them, when and how to divide them, and the few pests that make hosta grow taller. of a challenge, he will also talk about the great varieties of hosta and where to find them. Marlow has been growing hostas since 1979 and lives in Hopkins with his wife, daughter and 130 different hosta cultivars.

Pre-registration is mandatory at least one hour before each event. After registering, participants will receive a Zoom link. If unable to attend live sessions, registrants will receive recordings by email.

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For more information, contact the McLeod County Extension Office at 320-484-4334 or [email protected]