Microsoft to bring PowerPoint presentation coach to Microsoft Teams in 2022

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the availability of the PowerPoint Presenter Coach feature on all platforms (web, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android). Presenter Coach uses AI to improve users’ presentation skills. It offers users feedback on their pace, use of monotonous tone, use of filler words, poor grammar, lack of originality, use of sensitive sentences, and more while they rehearse their presentations. At the end of each rehearsal, the presenter coach will also present a summary report highlighting key elements of the feedback to help them become even better and more confident presenters.

Microsoft today announced that Speaker Coach will arrive in Microsoft Teams in early 2022. Unlike PowerPoint‘s Presenter Coach, Speaker Coach in Teams will be available to both the presenter and other meeting speakers.

The Microsoft Teams Speaker Coach will offer the following:

  • Help you breathe and slow down if you start talking too fast.
  • If you accidentally speak at the same time as someone else, the speaker coach will help you identify who else is speaking so you can recognize them and hear what they mean.
  • Understand a complete view of your data after the meeting with a private report of the moments captured by the speaker’s coach to reflect and internalize for the next meeting.

Source: Microsoft