Microsoft Teams will add “Cameo” functionality to PowerPoint Live

Microsoft Teams offers many accesses to hybrid working solutions, including allowing users to share their screen to give a presentation. Usually, this is done by splitting the whole screen or choosing the screen in PowerPoint. However, Teams also has a feature known as PowerPoint Live. Microsoft is now adding a new feature known as Cameo to PowerPoint Live.

PowerPoint Live debuted on Microsoft Teams in May 2021. Live presentations allow PowerPoint users to set up presentations where users can interact more deeply with details. While presenting online, attendees can zoom in on slides, photos, and details in real time.

It comes with three modes of use:


  • “Standout mode shows the speaker’s video feed as a silhouette in front of the shared content.
  • Reporter Mode displays content as a visual aid over the speaker’s shoulder, similar to a news broadcast.
  • Side-by-side mode displays the presenter’s video feed alongside their content as they present. »

With the new Cameo experience, Microsoft is adding a way to embed a Teams camera feed directly into a PowerPoint presentation. So, no, it’s not a feature based on the Cameo video sharing platform.


Cameo for PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams is currently in development. It appears on the Microsoft 365 roadmap under the Function identification number 87725.

In addition to allowing the video stream to be embedded in presentations, users will also be able to choose a layout and where the video appears on the slides. Unfortunately, those are all the details currently available on Cameo.

Microsoft says the feature will premiere in August, so we should know more by then.

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