Microsoft Teams unveils “Cameo” feature for PowerPoint Live

Cameo is expected to be available to PowerPoint Live customers in August.

How is Microsoft improving Teams?

Microsoft’s new Cameo tool isn’t the only update the video conferencing software announced recently.

Microsoft Teams is also introducing a tool that can prevent instances of team-bombing – a form of cyberbullying where individuals or groups attack team calls.

The software platform also recently released a “Parent Connection” feature designed to improve the parent-teacher meeting experience, and new connection features that aim to improve accessibility on the site.

Is Microsoft Teams the best solution for small businesses?

With Microsoft’s dynamic approach to problem solving, it’s no surprise that they’re among the top performers out there.

However, each small business will have slightly different web conferencing requirements. So it’s important to consider the pros and cons of multiple vendors before locking down a solution.

If your journey with video conferencing technology is just beginning, Zoom’s simple, easy-to-use interface and affordable software can be a great place to start. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a reliable tool with generous user limits and plenty of third-party integrations, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet might be more appropriate.

To learn more about the options available, you can read our list of the best web conferencing tools here, or refer to our table below.