Microsoft PowerPoint update will help spice up your boring presentations

Microsoft is working on an update for power point which will provide users with ever greater creative freedom when it comes to presentation design.

According to new entries in the company’s product roadmap, PowerPoint will soon allow organizations to add their own custom fonts to presentations. Information is sparse, but these custom fonts will likely be made available to all employees once defined.

The feature will first be available through PowerPoint Online next month and will arrive for Windows and Mac customers in March and June, respectively.

PowerPoint Presentations

Although PowerPoint has long been the default presentation software for many businesses, the market has become much more competitive in recent years, all the more so due to the rise of remote work.

Faced with increasingly stiff competition from Prezi and Google SlidesMicrosoft has offered a range of enhancements and integrations designed to solidify its position.

For example, Microsoft 365 customers can now launch PowerPoint presentations directly from Teamscompany popular collaborative platform. Known as PowerPoint Live, the feature eliminates the perilous practice of screen sharing, which has been responsible for various blunders over the years.

Even more recently, Microsoft rolled out a recording studio for PowerPoint, which allows users to practice their presentations in advance. The idea is that reviewing the images will help people refine their delivery and identify areas that need improvement.

The latest update, meanwhile, covers the presentation design process, which is as important as rehearsal and execution. Although the introduction of custom fonts may seem relatively insignificant, the update will allow companies to establish consistency within their brand, which will be particularly useful when presenting to partners, investors, etc.

Alternatively, the facility could be used to add some color and personality to otherwise bland presentations, which is always welcome.