Make money on Udemy by selling online courses

Before trying to make money on Udemy, author Jessica Brody had taught writing classes at libraries and conferences for years. Even though she enjoyed teaching, it was starting to get exhausting. She had to go to each location and often taught the same subject over and over again. Brody began to look for an alternative.

“My husband was researching online teaching platforms, and we decided to create a little writing course as a test course for Udemy to see if that would work,” she said. “We made $ 1,000 the first week after it was released.”

If you’re like Brody and looking for an extra source of income – maybe to pay off that pesky student loan debt – you can also teach through Udemy. Find out how the platform works, as well as Brody’s tips for getting started.

What is Udemy?
How Much Money Can You Make on Udemy?
5 tips for making money on Udemy

What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online marketplace for users around the world. Home to approximately 100,000 courses, Udemy allows instructors to record video lessons and sell them to interested students of all ages.

For people looking to earn extra income for student debt or other purposes, Udemy can be a great tool. If you are an expert in your field or have expertise in a specific niche, you can create a course and sell it online. You will earn money for every student who signs up.

Anyone can teach a course on Udemy, even without any prior teaching experience. When you sign up to become an instructor, Udemy will ask you questions about your experience, your level of fluency with video, and if you have an established audience interested in your material. Udemy has some solid resources to help you get started based on your answers.

How Much Money Can You Make on Udemy?

Brody currently offers seven courses on different aspects of writing. His classes are popular; more than 25,000 people have taken his courses on Udemy. Its income from online education is substantial.

“I make between $ 1,500 and $ 3,000 a month with Udemy,” Brody said in 2018. “I use that extra money for things like travel or big purchases.”

With Udemy, your earning potential is limitless. You decide how much to charge for your course. Some classes are free or cost as little as $ 1, while others cost hundreds. The amount you earn depends on the price you set and the demand for your course.

One of the best features of selling courses on Udemy is the fact that it can become a great source of passive income. Once you’ve created and published a course, it can earn you money for a long time without additional work.

There are classes on almost every subject imaginable, including dog grooming, gift basket making, computer programming, and, yes, student loan repayment. Although some of the best-selling courses focus on graphic design and programming, you can make money by teaching any subject. It may take more work to market your course to potential students.

5 tips for making money on Udemy

While Udemy can be a great source of additional income, it takes more than just running a course to be successful. Brody offered the following five tips to get you started.

1. Use Udemy resources

Udemy publishes many free resources for instructors, both beginners and advanced. It offers guides on how to create a course, create an audience, and use video. You can even submit a test video and get feedback on your performance from Udemy experts. There is also a community where instructors can discover and share best practices.

Brody noted the usefulness of these resources and encouraged new instructors to take advantage of them.

“Udemy does a lot to help you,” she said. “If you can sell your course and prove that there is demand, they will also help you market your course. “

2. Focus on your most in-demand skills

When thinking about what to teach, Brody recommended focusing on your most in-demand skills. This will help you find an audience for your lessons.

“I tell people to think about what their friends ask them,” she said.

For example, Brody said people often ask her how she manages to write several books a year. These questions prompted her to create a course on Productivity Hacks for Writers. Today, more than 6,400 students have taken this course.

If paying off student debt has made you an expert at spreadsheets, math, or some other related field, you might already have a course worth teaching.

3. Invest in good equipment

While you don’t need professional grade gear, Brody recommended investing your earnings in some upgrades.

“When I started out I only had PowerPoint slides and audio,” she said. “Then I used that money to invest in more equipment, like a better quality camera and teleprompter.”

You can agree with only slides and audio; some courses follow this format and are quite successful. However, Brody said you should consider investing in a good microphone, which can cost less than $ 100. She also recommended using a great screen capture program. She uses Camtasia because it’s easy and even allows her to edit videos.

If you’re short on cash, consider taking out a low-interest personal loan to buy the essentials and create quality lessons. Going into debt isn’t ideal, but a small investment now can help you make more money later.

4. Write down your course

Some Udemy instructors use a casual format and teach courses by rote instead of following a script. According to Brody, this is a mistake.

“It’s important to remember that this is not YouTube,” she said. “People are handing over their money and expecting a neat and professional course.”

Instead, Brody recommended coming up with a script up front. Writing a script and sticking to it can keep you from wandering or going off on tangents, making your lesson more engaging and focused.

5. Donate your knowledge

Brody said one of the biggest mistakes she sees is when instructors are afraid to give out too much information.

“Some instructors hold back,” she said. “They are afraid that if they reveal all their secrets, they will create their own competition. “

Brody said how important it is to share your success secrets to make your lessons valuable and useful. Otherwise, the lessons will not be effective and you will not have as many students.

André Pentis contributed to this report.

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