MACNY in partnership with Laura Thorne Consulting for workshops, online courses


DeWITT – MACNY, The Manufacturers Association has a new partnership with Laura Thorne Consulting of Syracuse.

Thorne joined the organization as a partner consultant. In her role, Thorne will help expand MACNY workshops and coaching, consulting directly with MACNY members and supporting the creation of on-demand online courses.

She will provide training, coaching and strategy services to help members “perform better, improve culture and make more impactful decisions,” MACNY said in a press release.

Thorne is not an employee of MACNY and instead serves as an independent contractor who collects consulting fees, Marisa Norcross, chief digital officer at MACNY, told CNYBJ in an email.

MACNY does not yet have monthly or yearly hours for Thorne, Norcross added.

Thorne has been managing and leading programs in various industries for over 25 years. She has a background in environmental sciences, programming and “business excellence”. Its services include “engaging” workshops, coaching, strategic facilitation and organizational performance reviews.

She uses a framework and approach to leadership that she created called “The Role Model Way” as the basis for her advice. She also has “a passion” for mentoring and designing mentoring programs.

Thorne enjoys coaching people at “all levels” on career navigation and leadership development. Its clients “achieve goals that have eluded them, improve their relationships, develop creative solutions to problems and become role models in their respective positions,” the MACNY statement said.

“We are very pleased to be working more closely with Laura Thorne to provide MACNY members with high quality workshops, training, coaching and advisory services,” said Randy Wolken, President and CEO of MACNY. “Laura brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team and will be able to serve MACNY members in new, value-added ways.”

A sample of upcoming courses and workshops include Set Up for Success in 2022, Extreme Accountability, Conflict Resolution, Strategy Design Lab, DIY [do it yourself] Evaluating business performance, designing a business mentoring program, and how to modernize your website.

MACNY, The Manufacturers Association, based in DeWitt, represents more than 300 companies in a 26-county region of central and upstate New York. The organization provides human resources services, training, workforce development, purchasing solutions, networking opportunities and advocacy support for its members.

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