LeoDynamics Introduces Various Language Training Services to Combat Barriers to Progression in the Workplace

Geneva, Switzerland–(Newsfile Corp. – Nov. 16, 2022) – LeoDynamics has introduced its language training services for executives who are overlooked in the workplace due to a lack of language skills. The focus is on more effectively implementing a company’s DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) policy by holding its leaders accountable. Using a personalized and fun language training model, LeoDynamics enables companies to proactively use language coaching to unlock employees’ true potential and improve people’s competitiveness on the global stage.

A company’s diversity and inclusion goals should include efforts to determine whether the company instills a culture that prohibits expressing ideas with an unfamiliar accent or poor grammar. From Leodynamics’ perspective, “Executives who are held back in their careers can use these tailored strategies to advance globally without language barriers,” says Leonilda Renaldo, Founder and CEO of LeoDynamics.

Many of the world’s largest companies operate in more than one country. English is the official language in more than 70 countries and is considered globally as the “language of business”. Employees may have functional English skills and have passed exams proving their skills, but may not be able to use them effectively in a real-time corporate environment. With the barriers that arise from systemic pressure to have the “right accent,” these skilled professionals often feel unconfident.

According to Leonilda Renaldo, founder of LeoDynamics, companies that believe that employees lack skills when it comes to speaking English “slow down business growth”. The majority of app/online language courses are only focused on grammar and not technical aspects, these standard courses offer a potential solution to a not-so-standard reality.

LeoDynamics, on the other hand, does not focus on having the right accent or grammar, but on getting the message across effectively through a combination of improvisational theater games and acting. real scenarios. It helps people to speak without being bothered by gaps in the language. With this new model, learners understand how to pick up on body language cues and build on the English skills already learned.

Leonilda Renaldo said: “Companies that neglect talented people because of their lack of language skills are losers. They affect their own productivity and profitability and should strive to provide their employees with the right tools to overcome this obstacle. We do not measure our success solely by the functional English skills of our clients. Our barometer of success is unlearning what standard English should look like. The trust and belief we teach allows our clients to communicate in a corporate setting and be recognized for what they bring to the table.”

About LeoDynamics: LeoDynamics is a company that provides career development, language coaching and public speaking training services to corporations, business schools and organizations to facilitate employee engagement and improve productivity. .

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