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Is PowerPoint SCORM-compliant? If you’ve ever tried to implement PowerPoint in your eLearning courses, you might have come across the term SCORM Compliant.

It refers to the Software Compliance Objectives Requirements and Messaging standard – and you need to know whether your chosen software, like PowerPoint, is compliant or not!

You need to know if your program of choice is SCORM compliant because it gives you access to a wider range of potential learners and training providers.

This article explains how PowerPoint is SCORM compliant and how you can make your presentation SCORM compliant today!

What is SCORM?

The term SCORM is a contraction of the Shareable Content Object Reference Model. It is an XML specification for e-learning content developed by a consortium of vendors, standardized as an ISO standard.

A SCORM-compliant e-learning course is essentially a collection of content packaged in a standard way to be delivered to learners using any LMS (Learning Management System).

The most crucial aspect of such a delivery model is that it allows courses to be shared and reused across different learning systems.

The majority of e-learning courses available today are developed using Adobe Captivate, formerly Macromedia Captivate. Unfortunately, this proprietary software creates course content that is non-standard and therefore non-compliant with SCORM.

What is a SCORM-compatible file?

A SCORM-compatible file is a file that can be uploaded to a learning management system. This allows an educator or student to access media content which can then be used for educational purposes. Many people misunderstand what a SCORM-compliant file is, often mistaking it for something else like a web page, but in fact, it’s much more than that.

As mentioned, a SCORM compatible file can get media content on an LMS. Hence, it makes it easier for teachers and students as they no longer have to upload the content themselves.

The beauty of using SCORM-compliant software is that you can keep all of your content in one place, rather than spreading it across multiple presentations or documents.

Is PowerPoint SCORM-compliant?

Certainly, there is a general consensus in the industry that most e-learning programs are not designed to be SCORM compliant. It is essential to note that there are examples of those who do.

A common misconception about e-learning and SCORM compliance is that it only applies to very advanced technical courses. The truth is, if you’re using free or commercial tools to build your eLearning program, chances are it’s not SCORM-compliant.

So, is PowerPoint compatible with SCORM? The answer to this question depends on how you define SCORM compliance. If your definition of SCORM compliance is a complete eLearning program built with a certified authoring tool, then it’s not.

However, if you are referring to PowerPoint as one of the many tools used to create eLearning modules or an online course in general, then yes, it can be SCORM compliant.

How to Make PowerPoint SCORM Compliant

Today, most businesses and organizations have embraced e-learning as a tool to equip their employees with the essential knowledge and skills required for better business performance.

For many companies, Microsoft PowerPoint is one of their primary tools for developing eLearning modules. There are several ways to convert PowerPoint presentations into SCORM-compliant eLearning content.

The first step is to use a PowerPoint conversion tool. These are available for desktop and online use. These tools make it easy to convert PowerPoint presentations to SCORM-compliant content with just a few clicks.

To do this, simply import your PowerPoint presentation into the tool, then select SCORM as the export format.

If you’re using a desktop application, after converting your PowerPoint presentation to SCORM-compatible content, you’ll also need to embed an LMS-compatible file. This ensures that as a learner walks through your presentation, they can easily track their progress and take the necessary tests to pass your course.

You can use a tool like Adobe Captivate to convert your PowerPoint presentation into an interactive e-learning course. It’s easy to do, and you’ll also find it extremely beneficial because Captivate comes with features that allow you to easily create learning experiences.

If you’re using a web-based PowerPoint conversion tool, like Adobe Captivate or iSpring, converting your presentation into an interactive e-learning course is as easy as copying and pasting a link.

This allows learners to easily access and view your presentation on their desktop or mobile device through any LMS platform.

In conclusion, although Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular tool used in e-learning courses, it cannot create a course on its own. That’s because most PowerPoint objects aren’t SCORM-compliant, which means they don’t travel with your content.

However, it can become SCORM compliant if you include a Learning Management System (LMS) in your course delivery, as the LMS is designed to be SCORM compliant.

Second, you can use eLearning tools or components in your PowerPoint presentation. For example, suppose you created an interactive quiz with an authoring tool, then yes. In this case, your presentation will be SCORM-compliant because it is now part of a more advanced SCORM-compliant e-learning program.