Influencer Jordy Schulz launches personal training services

Jordy SchulzFitness

Edmonton-based fitness trainer Jordy Schulz has personally experienced both ends of the weight spectrum. Years ago, he was skinny and in poor health, relying on various substances to get through the day. After giving up these bad habits, he then found himself on the other end of the spectrum – overweight and lacking in energy and motivation. But now, after finding a new balance in his life through a commitment to healthier living, he’s sharing his journey and fitness industry expertise to help others achieve their best selves through his individual personal training services through his new venture Jordy Schulz Aptitude.

Schulz has been candid about her journey on social media. He shares updates on his own fitness progress and the challenges he faces on his accounts, which has earned him nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram. He also shared his journey of becoming a certified trainer with his audience. And since recently earning his personal trainer certification, he has worked to build a client base interested in taking charge of their health through individual fitness training.

Until recently, Schulz primarily attracted its clientele through its social media channels. But as he looks to grow his business, he’s also creating a website for his brand, Jordy Schulz Fitness, to reach more people who want to live fuller, healthier lives. Whether clients want to lose weight, build muscle, or simply improve their quality of life, Schulz helps them achieve their goals through personalized workout programs.

“Getting into a gym routine and making other healthy lifestyle changes can be daunting. I know that from personal experience,” Schulz said. less daunting fitness routine for those who may be new to the world of fitness. But I also work with seasoned athletes who are also looking to improve their results through calisthenics or weightlifting. I invite anyone who are looking for a new physical challenge to reach out and experience the benefits of individual training.

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