How to Share PowerPoint Presentation in Zoom Screen 2022 Tip

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Check How to Share a PowerPoint Presentation in Zoom to Screen

PowerPoint presentations are a useful and practical tool in any business environment. When you present a problem or plan visually, people often have an easier time remembering or dealing with it. And when you combine a PowerPoint presentation with Zoom, it makes business meetings even better. Sharing a PowerPoint presentation on Zoom? A lot has happened over the past few years and it looks like online meetings will be the norm now. Now that you’re hosting your meetings online, some may think PowerPoint isn’t as relevant in today’s online world. A popular choice for businesses and educators, Zoom can be used for video and audio meetings, chats, and even webinars.

The basic purpose of a PowerPoint presentation is to communicate information or media through a series of slides. In addition to regular text, your slides can contain many types of content, such as tables, images, drawings, charts, links, text illustrations, videos, audio, and even plug-ins. integrated from Microsoft. The software also has built-in editing tools that allow you to resize, position, and update content without having to open items in other applications. Often you’ll narrate a presentation if you’re doing it live, or record audio for viewers if you’re sharing your presentation remotely with a group.

How to Share a PowerPoint Presentation on Zoom to Screen

For a presentation where you don’t need to see your notes, sharing a PowerPoint is a quick process.

  • Open your presentation and close any windows you don’t need. This will limit clutter and distractions.
  • Connect to your Zoom call and when you’re ready to present, click Share Screen at the bottom. Choose your presentation from the menu.
  • Go to the Slide Show tab in PowerPoint and click From Beginning. For a smoother introduction, do this before someone else joins the call, if possible.
  • Use the controls in the lower left corner or the keyboard controls to move through your presentation as usual.

Share a PowerPoint with Zoom and still see your notes?

The best way to view your notes is to use a second monitor and PowerPoint’s presenter display tools. Then your notes and orders are on one screen, visible only to you, and your presentation is on the other.

  • Open your PowerPoint and go to Presenter view to see your notes. This mode opens two windows: The presentation and the control panel.
  • Drag the control panel to your main screen and the presentation window to your second screen. You’ll be able to see and control your presentation while looking directly at your webcam if you’re using it, and you won’t have to hold your neck tilted to use the controls.
  • Sign into the Zoom call and click Share Screen at the bottom. Choose your showcase.

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