How to Remove a Background or Watermark in PowerPoint

An attractive image or corporate watermark can be a nice background for your presentation. But if you want to remove this background and use your own or none, you have two ways to do it in Microsoft PowerPoint.

The right background is an important part of your slideshow. You want something that enhances your presentation without distracting you from the content. Unfortunately, you may have gotten a template created by someone else that includes a background you don’t want, such as an image or a watermark. Here’s how to remove it.

Remove a background using the Design tab

One way to remove the background from your PowerPoint presentation is to use the Design tab. You can use this option to edit individual or all slides.

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Open your presentation and select the slide you want to edit. If you plan to edit them all, you can select any slide.

Go to the Design tab and click “Format Background” in the Customize section of the ribbon.

Format Background button on the Design tab

When the Format Background sidebar opens, select the Fill tab.

Fill tab in the Format Background sidebar

Expand the Fill section and check the Solid Fill option. You can also choose a different option if you want to use a gradient or a pattern fill.

Choose the background color using the drop-down list to the right of Color. You can optionally adjust the Transparency slider.

Solid fill and color selected in sidebar

If you want to change all slides to the new background, click “Apply to All” at the bottom of the sidebar.

Apply to all slides

Remove a background by changing the mask

Another way to remove the background from the image is to edit the master slide. This replaces the background of all slides in the presentation at once.

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Open your presentation and go to the View tab. Click “Slide Master” in the Master Views section of the ribbon.

Slide Master button on the View tab

You will then automatically be on the Slide Master tab. Select the main slide on the left side which has the number 1.

Select Master Slide

Click the Background Styles drop-down arrow in the Background section of the ribbon. Choose one of the styles to replace the background of the image or watermark. You can hover your cursor over each option to see a preview on your slide. Click on the one you want.

Background styles in PowerPoint

You can also select “Format Background” from the list to open the sidebar and choose the background style or a different color from there.

You’ll see all the slides on the left under the master slide update to the new background.

The slides below changed Master backgrounds

If you have more than one master in your presentation containing the background image, you can do the same for additional master slides. Click “Close Main View” when you’re done.

Close main view button

A nice background can definitely enhance a presentation. But if you end up with an image or watermark you don’t want, you can easily change it.

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