How to present PowerPoint PPT in Google Meet on PC and phone

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Check how to present PowerPoint PPT in Google Meet on PC and phone

With the rise of remote working, an increasing number of organizations are turning to online tools for meetings, joint efforts, and easy communication over great distances. Many online video conferencing tools have sprung up to meet this need, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and Google Meet.

In the past, a premium conferencing element for Google’s G Suite, Google Meet can now be used by anyone with a Google Account. Its video conferencing and online collaboration tools make it useful for conferences, but also for online courses where a moderator needs to present their PowerPoint slides for everyone to see.

You can enter your PowerPoint presentation from your PC, but also from a mobile phone. Google Meet works on virtually any system, like Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you slowly through the instructions for your PC and tablet.

How to Present PowerPoint Presentations on Google Meet on a Laptop

With the rise of remote working, Google Meet allows users to view and share PowerPoint slides in meetings and online sessions. Whether it’s a meeting, an online course, or a brainstorming session, it just gets so much easier with a PowerPoint slideshow, bringing everyone together on the same page! You must be wondering how to share ppt on Google Meet because the process is quite simple and extremely functional. You will only need two tools to perform this screen sharing process, a web browser and Microsoft PowerPoint. We recommend that you use Google Chrome as your web browser, as it works best with Google Meet.

Just a warning, when you present your screen on Google Meet, everyone can see what you are showing, so it’s best to open your PowerPoint slides before joining the meeting to avoid any surprises.

  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint slides on your laptop, laptop model or brand doesn’t matter as long as you have Microsoft PowerPoint on it
  • Convert your slides from the default view to individual navigation view. If you have used Microsoft PowerPoint before, be aware that in slideshow mode, the slides appear full screen, which makes it difficult to switch between applications, so when converting the PowerPoint, it will be displayed in full screen, which will allow to the presenter to switch between applications. The process is straightforward, just click on the “Slideshow” tab, then “Configure slideshow” and, in the drop-down menu, press “Navigated by someone”.
  • After setting up your PowerPoint slides, go to Google Meet and join the meeting through the meeting link provided or schedule a new meeting. You have two options: you can join the meeting and then share your slides, or share the PowerPoint while joining the session. If you decide to go for the second option, you need to click on “File Now” and continue with the steps below.
  • To share your Google Meet PPT presentation, just click the “Send Now” button at the bottom right of the screen.

There you will see two options and you have to click on one of the following options,

  • Your full screen – If you want to share your full screen, that means whatever app you see, other meeting participants will see it as well.
  • One Window – This allows the presenter to share a single selected window in the meeting (this option is recommended)
  • A tab – better for presenting video or animation, not PowerPoint
  • If the presenter chooses to opt for the “One Window” option, click the window that displays the PowerPoint slides, and then select Share.

The slideshow will automatically start playing to viewers. We are sure you no longer wonder how to submit a ppt on Google Meet!

Introducing Google Slides on Google Meet on a Laptop

In some cases, people choose to use Google Slides instead of PowerPoint presentations, but they are not afraid because Google Meet is also equipped to share Google Slides. The process is quite similar to sharing a PowerPoint, but there are a few changes. So to answer your question on how to present slides on Google Meet,

  • Open your Google Slides, go to the Google Slides webpage, and find the slides you’ve prepared.
  • Open Google Meet in your browser and navigate to the meeting link page. You have two options here, one: you can join the session directly and then start presenting the screen, or two: share the screen and then join the session.
  • If you decide to opt for the latter option, click on the “Send” option. Since I am using the Chrome browser, I will choose the tab of the slides to share. If you want to share audio, be sure to check out the audio button on the Share tab as well!
  • Once you’ve followed these steps, your Google Slides will automatically be visible to everyone in the Google Meet session.

Present PowerPoint or presentations on Google Meet on Android

The process of presenting a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation in a Google Meet session on Android is very similar to that on an Apple device.

  • You need to open your PowerPoint or slides first, although this is not necessary, it always simplifies the process.
  • Join the Google Meet session, if you have been invited to the session, please join using the join link, if not, create a new meeting. If you prefer to share your screen directly instead of joining the session first, click directly on the “Share screen” option.
  • When you join the meeting, click on the “More” option and press the “Current Screen” menu.
  • After that, authorize the presentation and navigate to your PowerPoint / Google slides to share with the participants, easy right? Remember that participants can also pause their on-screen presentation and start presenting their screen in the middle.

Final words: How to present PowerPoint PPT in Google Meet on PC and phone

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