How to Make Effective PowerPoint Presentations


Have you ever made a PowerPoint presentation and felt something was wrong? The basics of PowerPoint can make it difficult to put together a slide presentation. Confusion, boredom and even annoyance can result from poorly planned presentations.

Concentrating for a while during a presentation can be difficult. You will lose the mob if you don’t engage them. They will play with their phone, talk to others in the room and lose interest. You might be concerned if that happened and the audience might seem to prefer another location.

To engage a larger audience, direct communication is key. Let’s go through some suggestions listed below to make your presentation more interesting:

Interesting ways to make your presentation interactive

  • Avoid reading your presentation slide by slide.

You shouldn’t just read your slides aloud if your audience can read and hear them. You will lose your audience’s interest if you give too much information. Just put your main points, keywords and talking points in the slideshow text. It is better to speak and listen actively during a verbal presentation than to read aloud to the audience or speaker. The requirements for spoken and written language are very different. Speech is more concise, informal and direct. A presentation is ruined by reading text

Who will attend your presentation? Around co-workers, funny effects and comic clipart can look unprofessional. If you use humor incorrectly, your audience may think you don’t know what you’re talking about. Know your audience and adjust your presentation according to their preferences and needs.

Choosing the right font size can be tricky. For one thing, whatever you put on screen should be readable by your audience. But you don’t want your text to take up too much space on your slide. The minimum header size is around 20 points, while the minimum body size is 18. With these sizes, you can be sure that your writing will always be legible. The same goes for tablets, TVs, laptops, PCs and projectors.

  • Don’t overload your presentation with animations.

You know how painful it is to watch every word zoom across the screen of a presentation. Ask yourself if the moment would be just as compelling without effects like this. Does it intrusively report information? Leave out the impact if each question has a yes or a maybe answer.

  • To improve your display, only sometimes use animations.

You don’t need to completely ignore animations and other effects. Subtle effects and animations can enhance your presentation when used wisely. Rather than showing the bullet points before speaking, show them while you speak.

The next time you give a presentation, remember these tips.

Here are three ideas for great PowerPoint presentations.

A PowerPoint presentation can include images as placeholders. About the slide, the majority of these placeholders are relatively small. Placeholders allow you to add text next to your photos, but they can also reduce the impact of your images. Try to ensure that essential images fill the entire slide if your presentation contains them. These slides won’t have a lot of text, but using the right view to highlight a key idea can still work.

A word of warning: This only works if your photographs are large enough. The image must have the exact resolution (or number of pixels) as your monitor appears in its full quality. Otherwise, the image may appear distorted or blurry.

  • Use creative fonts.

Theme fonts for PowerPoint might already be recognizable to you. Headings and titles use one font, while bullets and paragraphs use another. Your presentations should use more than one typeface if you want them to look professional. However, many standard font combinations are quite boring.

  • Compose your color palette.

themes for PowerPoint Templates also include predefined color schemes. Many color combinations available online are dull, like character combinations. Why not choose colors you like? A fantastic source for attractive contemporary color combinations is SlideUpLift. You can also duplicate the color scheme of a specific advertisement or illustration. But be sure not to use more than two or three primary colors, your presentation will look cluttered. You can set your theme colors as you can with theme fonts.

to summarize

Engaging your audience is key to making an impact. Your presentation should pique their curiosity, attract them and capture their interest.

To save time on creating presentations, browse the huge collection of professionally designed SlideUpLift PowerPoint Templates and Google slide templates.

In order for your audience to understand your presentation, you need to organize it well. Also, make sure there is enough time for questions and discussion. Your presentation delivery should establish a connection with your audience.

You will leave a lasting impression on your audience with eye contact, body language, lyrics and energy.

It takes knowledge, practice and perseverance to create a PowerPoint presentation masterpiece. To avoid repeating your mistakes, start with a template. If you’re short on time, Slideuplift has you covered. We will help you successfully communicate your message using PowerPoint presentations.