How to Make a Poster in PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a go-to tool for most of us to show presentation ideas to our audience. But you can also use it to design poster presentations. Whether advertising or promoting an event, PowerPoint lets you create a poster for any purpose. In this article, you will learn how to create a poster in PowerPoint step by step.

Moreover, you will know proven tricks to design your poster to make it more attractive.

Let’s dive in:

How to Create a Poster in Powerpoint

There is no fixed PowerPoint poster design. Business owners incorporate different design elements into their posters, depending on their needs. We’ll explore key design elements you can use to create a poster.

To make the process of creating PowerPoint posters easy to understand, we’ve broken it down into the following small steps:

1- Open a blank presentation slide

Click the New tab and select a blank presentation to open a blank slide.

Click the View menu and turn on Ruler, Gridlines, and Guides. This will help you align images, texts or other poster content in the slide.

2- Choose a size for your poster presentation

Go to the Design tab and click on the Slide Size menu. You will see three options: Standard (4:3), Widescreen (16:9), and Custom Slide Size.

If you don’t want to use any of the typical sizes (standard or widescreen), click the Customize Slide Size tab to create a custom-sized poster.

For this poster presentation, we are going to make a 24 inch x 36 inch poster. You can use this poster size for multiple purposes.

After setting the PowerPoint poster size, PowerPoint will ask you if you want to maximize the size of your content or if you want to reduce the size of your content. Choose Maximize.

3- Add visual elements

To create a beautiful PowerPoint poster, you need to add creatives to your slide. Click on the Insert tab and select the Image menu.

You will have three options to insert images from this device, stock images and online images. For this poster, we used a stock image. So we selected the Stock Images option.

4- Add text elements

Once your chosen image is uploaded to the slide. Click the Text Box tab on the Insert menu to add a text box.

You can add as many text boxes as your poster requires. Once the text boxes are added to the poster, you can change the font sizes, colors, and font types.

5- Insert shape elements in the poster

Click the Insert menu and select the shape you want to add to your poster.

You can write the desired text in the shape elements. Also, you will have the option to choose shape fill, shape outline or shape effects. Depending on your poster layout, you need to choose shape elements and colors to customize these elements.

6- Check if you have everything included

We also added an insert menu icon to make our poster look good, we added an insert menu icon at the bottom of the poster. You can also add your logo instead of this icon.

And finally, we added an additional shape and text box to the footer. Your poster design will look like the following:

7- Save your poster design

Once your poster is ready, you need to save the file. You have several options to save it.

But be sure to save the file in PowerPoint. If you save the file in PowerPoint, you can easily edit it later.

To print the file, you can save it to a Pdf or JPEG file.

As you have observed, there are several options for adding images, icons, and shapes to your poster.

So your PowerPoint poster design can be as creative as you want.

Formatting Your PowerPoint Presentation Poster

When it comes to creating an eye-catching poster for your business, formatting plays an important role.

The dimensions of PowerPoint posters vary depending on the purposes for which the posters are created.

Therefore, you should first understand your needs before you start designing a poster in PowerPoint.

Here are some formatting tips:

  • Don’t write a long title
  • Use easy to read fonts in your poster
  • Do not excessively change type sizes and/or fonts in your poster design
  • Consider common poster sizes in your industry before deciding on your poster size

Best PowerPoint Poster Template Options

Creating a poster in PowerPoint from scratch can sometimes be time-consuming, especially when using the software for the first time. In such a case, using PowerPoint poster templates can save time and energy.

Here are five beautiful PowerPoint templates for creating posters:

1. Newfield PowerPoint Poster Template

This template is well suited for creating research posters. Newfield model comes in multiple sizes, including 36×48, 36×56, 36×60, and more.

2. Pool Party Poster Template

If you want to design and print a poster for a pool party or any other party, the Pool party template can help you get the job done easily. It is a 100% customizable template.

3. Multipurpose Corporate Flyer Design

This template is perfect for designing a poster to showcase your business at business events. You can fully customize the Multipurpose corporate flyer design model to achieve your goals.

4. Microsoft Community Posters

Microsoft has a collection of community posters that you can easily customize. These templates are perfect for creating posters for fundraisers, festivals, or other community events.

5. Product Flyer Template

You can use the Product Flyer Template to easily design creative sale posters. You can use it to create fashion flyers, tech store flyers, car sales flyers, etc.

5 Best Tips for Creating a PowerPoint Poster

Here are five tips for creating a poster in PowerPoint:

1- Consider your brand image

Your poster represents your brand regardless of its purpose. So you need to keep your brand in mind when creating a poster.

Colors, fonts, and designs should match your brand theme.

2- Use design elements in harmony

You should use all design elements in harmony. Images, text, shapes and graphics should be used in such a way that one element does not dominate the other.

3- Avoid excessive color variations

Using excessive color variations can create distraction and poor message delivery. So, when creating a poster, you should strategically use colors that match your brand philosophy.

4- Divide your poster into sections

Make sure your poster doesn’t look like a long string. Instead, break it into sections to make your message powerful.

5- Be creative

When it comes to adding creativity to your PowerPoint poster design, you have several options.

You can use beautifully created images, write smart texts and experiment with graphics to create a poster that grabs your audience’s attention.


Now that you know how to create a poster in PowerPoint. It’s time to put a cap on thinking and create an impactful poster, avoiding common PowerPoint mistakes.

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