How to lock a shape, picture or objects in PowerPoint

Customize a slide in Microsoft PowerPoint is very simple, but sometimes a user makes the mistake of accidentally moving an item on a slide from its correct position. Putting it back in the right place doesn’t take much time, but it’s better to spend some time elsewhere. In order to prevent objects from accidentally moving, we suggest locking them in place, so you can work knowing whatever you do, the objects will always be in their correct positions.

How to lock a shape, picture or objects in PowerPoint

To prevent an item from accidentally moving on a slide, you can lock a shape, picture, or object in Microsoft PowerPoint using one of two methods.

How to Lock a Context Menu Item in PowerPoint

First, we are going to see how to lock the context menu items because it is the easiest method, especially if you only want to lock one item.

To get started, you must first immediately open Microsoft PowerPoint. To do this, click on the PowerPoint icon located on the desktop, the taskbar or in the Start menu.

So the next step is to open a presentation. If you want to start from scratch, then, of course, click New > Black Layout. However, if you want to select an already created document, in the Home section, find the preferred list or presentation and select it.

OK, so when it comes to locking a single item, all you have to do here is right-click on the object, then select Lock, and that’s it, you have ended.

How to Lock Multiple Objects in PowerPoint

Yes, it is possible to lock more than one object, and it is not necessary to right-click on each of them. There is an easier way to do the job and we will explain.

There is a section on the ribbon called Design. You can find it by clicking on the House tab, and from there look to the right of the tab Ribbon and you will see the Drawing section.

Once you have found the drawing area, please click To organisethen in the drop down menu you will now want to choose Selection pane.

From Selection paneyou will see the name of each object on the Drag, but before you can lock them, you must first group them. Do this by pressing the CTRL key on the keyboard while clicking on each object one after the other.

Finally, right-click on a single object on the slide, then select Lock from the context menu.

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What is PowerPoint for?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation program. It is the most used program for anyone who wants to give a presentation. If you are a student or a businessman, nowhere will you find another tool that can compete with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Is PowerPoint online free?

The folks at Microsoft have provided what they call Office Web Apps for free, and PowerPoint is included in that. However, while it’s usable for basic presentation needs, it won’t fill much of the voice, and as such you’ll need the full desktop version.