How to insert music into a PowerPoint presentation

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Check how to insert music in PowerPoint presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular program that is easily one of the best presentation software on the market. It allows users to create high-quality, engaging presentations, comes with a variety of advanced tools, and is compatible with the rest of the Microsoft Office ecosystem. In this Microsoft PowerPoint review, we take a closer look at all aspects of this popular program. To help you decide if it’s the right option for your needs, we’ve discussed its main features, purchasing options, user interface, and more.

Like all good presentation programs, Microsoft PowerPoint is backed by an impressive set of features. We have listed a few of the most notable below. Microsoft’s template library contains many free and premium templates that you can use as a starting point for new presentations. Free templates are available for all users, but premium options are only available for those who have a Microsoft 365 subscription. Using the online version of PowerPoint allows you to collaborate with colleagues and other relevant people in real time. Just share the link to your presentation with the people you want to access, and they can edit or view it depending on the permissions you set.

The web version of PowerPoint also comes with an extremely powerful presentation training tool. Basically, the program will keep track of your pace, language, and many other steps as you practice your presentation, providing comprehensive commentary and onscreen guidance. In conclusion, PowerPoint is one of the best presentation programs for those who are planning to use 3D objects and animations. You can add 3D content directly from PowerPoint library or upload and embed your own files.

Anyone who has used PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or any Microsoft desktop application will know the basic user interface design. On the left side of the screen you’ll find a list of your presentation slides. Simply click on it to navigate between slides or right click to add a new slide or section. At the top of the window, there is a list of tabs that allow you to switch between the different Edit and Layout menus. And when it’s time to edit your presentation, just click on the items you want to customize and follow the instructions. You can also drag and drop different items to place them exactly where they are needed.

How to add music to a PowerPoint presentation

  • At the top of the PowerPoint screen, on the toolbar, click the “Insert” tab.
  • Under “Insert” on the right side of the screen, click “Audio.”
  • If you are using a PC, click on the “Audio on my PC” option. If you are using a Mac, click on the “Audio from File” or “Audio Explorer” option.
  • Find the file you want to use, then click “Insert” in the dialog box. You can use MP3, MP4, WAV or AAC files.
  • The file will appear in your PowerPoint as a small play bar. You can use it to control the song. Move it to a part of your slide where it is out of the way.
  • If you want the audio to play throughout the presentation, rather than just the slide the audio file is on, click on the file to display the “Playback” tab in the toolbar at the bottom. . top of the screen and click on it.
  • Directly under the “Playback” tab, click on the “Background Playback” option to play all audio.

Final Words: How To Insert Music In PowerPoint Presentation

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