How to insert a picture into text in Microsoft PowerPoint 2022

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Check How to Insert Image to Text in Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is an application that allows you to make presentations. It allows the user to create a presentation and includes all the tools needed to create a professional presentation. Users will use decorative text in Microsoft PowerPoint to make their presentations more attractive, but what if the user wants to create a slide with photos inside the text? We’ll show you how to insert a photo into text in Microsoft PowerPoint in this lesson.

Add image fill to text

When using an image as a fill for text, format the text large and bold. Choose a thick font, like Arial Black or Broadway, which has thick lines. When you use a font with a thick line, more of your image will show up in each letter.

  • Select the text on the slide.
  • Go to Format drawing tools.
  • In the WordArt Styles group, select the Text Fill drop-down arrow and choose Image.
  • In the Insert Pictures dialog box, choose one of the options to insert a picture: From File, Bing Picture Search, or OneDrive – Personal. In PowerPoint 2019, your options are From File, Online Pictures, and From Icons.
  • To use an image on your computer, select From File, choose the image file, and then select Insert. The image is inserted into the text of the slide.
  • To insert an image found on the web, select Bing Image Search or Online Images, enter your search parameters for the image you want (typing tie-dye in this example), then select the magnifying glass or press Enter.
  • Scroll through the results and choose an image. Once you find the image you want, select Insert.
  • Leave the filter to Creative Commons only to prevent the use of copyrighted images.
  • To insert a picture you saved to OneDrive, select OneDrive – Personal. In PowerPoint 2019, choose From File.
  • Browse any folder in OneDrive to locate an image. Once you find an image to use, choose it and select Insert.

If you are not satisfied with the final result, press Ctrl+Z to undo the text filling and repeat these steps to choose another image.

Final words: How to insert a picture into text in Microsoft PowerPoint

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