How to hide the Audio icon in PowerPoint

Whenever you choose to play audio in Microsoft powerpoint, you’ll likely see the audio icon whenever it’s set to play in the background or automatically. Now if you want a professional look this audio icon has to go away, so how do you do it?

What we’re going to talk about here can be done on PowerPoint for Windows 11/10, Mac, and PowerPoint on the web.

How to hide the Audio icon in PowerPoint

The information below are important steps to help hide the audio icon from a PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation from which you want to hide the icon
  2. Choose a slide from your presentation
  3. Switch to the Reading tab
  4. Hide audio icon
  5. Hide audio icon through Microsoft PowerPoint on the web

1]Open the presentation from which you want to hide the icon

The first thing to do here is launch Microsoft PowerPoint and from there launch the required presentation. You should see a list of presentations to choose from, so make sure you’ve read the headlines correctly before making a selection.

2]Choose a slide from your presentation

OK, now it’s time to select a slide. Chances are, your presentation will have multiple slides. Now it’s up to you to choose the right one. Usually this is the slide with the audio file attached, so locate it and click on it with your mouse.

3]Go to the Reading tab

At first glance, you won’t see the Reading tab at all. To make it appear, please click on the audio icon located on the slide, and immediately the tab will become visible. You should see it at the top right of the ribbon.

4]Hide audio icon

After the Reading tab appears, look for a section that reads, Hide during the show. Please check the box next to it, and this should ensure that the audio icon is never displayed during a live presentation.

5]Hide audio icon via Microsoft PowerPoint on the web

For those who use the web version of PowerPoint, don’t worry at all because the task is similar.

Just visit the official PowerPoint on the website and open your presentation. Select the correct slide, then immediately click on the audio icon. When the Audio tab appears, select Audio Options, then from the drop-down menu, click Hide During Show, and that’s it.

How to add audio to Microsoft PowerPoint

If you are wondering how to add an audio file to a slide in PowerPoint, you no longer wonder.

To do this, first launch PowerPoint and then open the presentation you want. Once done, look in the ribbon and select Insert> Audio> Audio on my PC Where Audio recording.

The audio file should now be visible to you from the slide you selected.

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