How to Hide or Unhide a Slide in MS PowerPoint 2022

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Check how to hide or show a slide in MS PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation software developed by Microsoft. It is a standard component of the company’s Microsoft Office software suite and comes bundled with Word, Excel, and other Office productivity tools. The program uses slides to convey information in a multimedia form and is used to create complex business presentations, simple educational concepts and much more. Many productivity apps that you use daily contain items that you may want to hide. In Microsoft Excel, you can hide rows, columns, or entire worksheets. In Microsoft Word, you can hide words, paragraphs, or entire pages.

You can even hide slides in a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation. But if you have already figured out how to hide slides, you might be wondering how to unhide a slide in PowerPoint. Slides in a presentation in PowerPoint 2013 can be hidden for various reasons. However, if you chose to hide a slide instead of deleting it, you may have planned to need it again in the future. Now, if you want a hidden slide to appear in your presentation, you might be looking for a way to restore that hidden slide to its correct place in the slideshow. In this guide, we will show how to show or hide a slide in Microsoft PowerPoint.

How to hide or show a slide in MS PowerPoint.

On Mac or PC

  • Open the PowerPoint presentation on your Mac or PC.
  • Right click on the slide you want to hide.
  • Click “Hide Slide”.
  • This will immediately hide the slide and indicate that it is hidden by graying it out with a null symbol in the upper left corner. When you right-click again, you’ll also see a checkmark next to the “Hide Slide” option.
  • Click “Hide Slide” with the checkmark next to it to unhide it and undo your previous action.
  • You can always use the COMMAND or CTRL keys to select multiple slides as well.
  • Finally, if you start the slideshow, you can still access any slides you have hidden. Start the slideshow by right-clicking and selecting “Slideshow” (or using the hotkey), navigating to the “Slideshow” tab at the top, or clicking the podium icon in the corner lower right. You can also choose to view your slideshow in “Presenter View”, which is only available in the desktop app, not the online version of PowerPoint.
  • Right-click on any slide in presentation mode, where you will find the “By Title” option. You can then move to any slide. Hidden ones will be displayed in parentheses like “(2) Slide 2”. Clicking on one of them will automatically take you to that slide. Remember that if you just click on the slides as usual, PowerPoint will skip them, so it’s important that you navigate to them manually if you want to view that slide.
  • If you choose to use “Presenter View”, the process is even easier. You will already see previews of all your slides at the bottom of the screen. Hidden slides will appear gray with a null symbol. Click on any hidden slide to go to it.

In your web browser

  • Open PowerPoint in your favorite web browser.
  • Right click on any slide thumbnail on the left side of your screen.
  • Select “Hide Slide”.
  • This will automatically make the slide gray. Right-click and select “Hide” again to show the same slide.
  • To access hidden slides in presentation mode, you will need to start the slideshow. There are fewer options to do this on the web version, but the podium icon in the lower right corner is the same as on the desktop version. You can also choose to go to the “Slideshow” tab at the top, although you won’t find the “Presenter View” option there.
  • You will see the options in a small pop-up box in the lower left corner. Click on the first option that shows sliding panels to switch to another screen.
  • This screen will display all of your slides, including the hidden ones. Click on a hidden slide to access it.

Final Words: How to Hide or Unhide a Slide in MS PowerPoint

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