How to Fix Microsoft PowerPoint Not Playing Videos: 7 Tips

You have prepared an impressive PowerPoint presentation and you press F5 to test it right before showing it to your audience. Everything looks fine, but PowerPoint can’t play the video.

Most of the time, it happens because of incompatible video format or wrong PowerPoint settings. If you have encountered the same problem, review the solutions below to make PowerPoint play any embedded video smoothly.


1. Check the video format

If PowerPoint does not support the video format, the video may not play at all or have no sound. For example, if your file extension is .SWF, PowerPoint cannot play the video. In this case, you need to search for a different video version or use an online video converter.

2. Redownload the video

If PowerPoint supports the video file format, but still cannot play it, there may be a problem with the video. To test it, play the video outside of PowerPoint. There are several reasons why you cannot play the video in your PowerPoint slideshow:

  • The storage location is corrupt.
  • Video audio is out of sync.
  • The video may be missing some files.
  • The video itself is damaged or corrupted.

In this case, the easiest solution is to re-download the video from a different source. Also, if you are using a YouTube video, check if it is still available.

3. Check PowerPoint playback settings

If you can’t find anything wrong with the video, it’s time to move on and check the PowerPoint playback settings. You can have PowerPoint play the video automatically or wait until you click on the video before it starts playing. So let’s make sure that PowerPoint is configured to play the video according to your expectations.

  1. In PowerPoint, click on the video.
  2. In the toolbar, open the Proofreading tongue.
  3. Head to the Video Option menu and open the Begin scrolling menu.
  4. There, choose your preferred option.

This is a good opportunity to make sure the sound is not muted in PowerPoint. In the Proofreading tab, click the tab Volume and make sure you haven’t accidentally selected the icon Mute option.

4. Embed code for YouTube videos

If you want to include a video from YouTube in your presentation, it is not enough to copy and paste the link. Instead, you’ll need to embed the code from the video into your presentation. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the YouTube video you want to insert into your slideshow.
  2. Below the video, click To share and select To integrate.
  3. Copy the embed code.
  4. In PowerPoint, open the Insert tab and click Media > Video.
  5. Select Online Videos and paste the embed code from YouTube.
  6. Click on Insert.

If you inserted an online video, be sure to test your internet connection before your presentation. A faulty connection will create the video buffer or affect its quality.

If PowerPoint supports the video format but still has trouble playing it, you need to optimize the media compatibility of PowerPoint. Open the Case menu and select information. Then extend the Check for issues menu and click Check compatibility.

PowerPoint will check for any incompatibility issues and fix them automatically.

6. Save your presentation in .PPTX format

Everyone knows that the file extension for PowerPoint presentations is .PPP. This has the advantage that you can open a .PPP file with older versions of Office. However, older versions have issues when it comes to playing PowerPoint videos.

So when saving your presentation, select the .PPTX option, which is designed for modern Office versions.

7. Delete temporary files

If your computer has accumulated too much temporary data, you may encounter all kinds of problems, including PowerPoint not playing videos.

Although your system should automatically delete these files, you can manually delete the temporary files. After deleting them, restart your computer and check if PowerPoint can now play videos.

Play any video in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a great tool for creating a presentation from scratch or using a template. And adding a video is a nice touch that will make your presentation more professional. If you don’t get it right the first time, our guide will help you fix the problem.

With PowerPoint playing videos again, you can think about how to make your presentation more engaging.