How to Embed a Video in PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a great tool for turning your presentation ideas into reality. But PowerPoint presentations are also a surefire way to bore your audience to death if you don’t make your presentations engaging.

To get your audience hooked, adding video files to your presentations can be a good strategy because videos provide more engagement than most other types of content.

In this article, you will learn how to embed video in PowerPoint and the benefits of doing so.

How to Add a Video to PowerPoint from Your Hard Drive

Here are some easy steps to embed a video in a PowerPoint presentation:

Step. 1

Go to the Insert tab and click on the Video tab.

Step. 2

When you click on the Video tab, you get three options in the drop-down menu to insert video from this device, stock videos, and online videos.

Select Insert video from this device.

Step. 3

When you click Insert video from this device, you will be prompted to search for a video from your device. Locate the video file.

Step 4

Click the Insert tab, the video will be added to your presentation slide.

Step- 5

When you embed HDD video in PowerPoint presentations, you have several options to customize the video.

Select your video and click Video Format tab, you will get various options for video shape, video border, video effects, video size and many more.

Moreover, you can add a poster frame to your video from this section.

Click on Playback tab after selecting your video, you get options to trim video, set mode duration and many more.

If you want to make sure your video starts automatically, you can set it up by visiting the In Click Sequence tab.

How to Add a YouTube Video to PowerPoint

The process to add YouTube videos to your PowerPoint slides is simple. With just a few clicks, you can embed a YouTube video into your PowerPoint slide.

Let’s explore the process.

Step. 1

Go to YouTube and choose the video you want to add to your presentation.

Click the Share tab to copy the link to your video. If you want your video to start at a certain time, play the video and click the Share tab at the time you want it to play. Check the Start at box below, then copy the URL.

Step. 2

Click the Insert button and select the Video tab in your PowerPoint file. You will have three options to insert a video from. Click Online Videos.

Step. 3

When you click Insert Video from Online Videos, a dialog pops up to input the online video address.

Currently, embedding videos from the following online platforms is allowed:

  • Youtube
  • SlideShare
  • Vimeo
  • Flow
  • Flipgrid

Step. 4

Enter the copied address of the YouTube video and you can see the preview of the video.

Click the Insert button and your video appears on your presentation slide.

Your linked video will play from YouTube. Therefore, you must have an internet connection to play the video in your presentation.

Step. 5

For customization, adding videos from YouTube to your presentation only offers the In Click Sequence option when you select the video and click the Play tab.

However, you will have most options when you select the video and click on the Video Format tab to customize the video. You can add posters, change video shapes and much more.

How to embed a Vimeo online video into a PowerPoint presentation

The process of adding a video from Vimeo or any other video platform to your presentation is similar to adding a YouTube video and only takes a few minutes.

Here are the quick steps:

Step. 1

Visit Vimeo and choose the video you want to add to your PowerPoint presentation. Then click on the Share icon.

Copy the link to your video. Vimeo also lets you choose a certain time to start video playback by setting the time in the Start video at box. Moreover, you can also select play automatically.

Step. 2

Go to the Insert tab and click on Video. The Insert Video From pop-up menu appears. Click Online Videos.

Step. 3

When you click Online Video, a new window opens. Enter the copied address of the Vimeo video in the address bar, it will display the video preview.

Click the Insert button and your video will be added to your presentation slide.

You have as many customization options for embedded Vimeo videos as for YouTube videos (mentioned in step 5 of how to add a YouTube video to your presentation)

Why You Should Add Videos to Your PowerPoint

Here are the top reasons why you should add videos to your PowerPoint presentation:

1. Make your presentation more powerful

Using storytelling in your presentation is a proven tactic to improve the outcome. And videos make storytelling more compelling. So, if you embed videos in your presentation, it can make your presentation more powerful.

2- Set the mood for your audience

Adding appropriate videos (that complement the content) to your presentation slides can set the mood for your audience. When your viewers notice that you have embedded videos in the first few slides, they can assume that the rest of the presentation won’t be boring.

3. Keep your audience engaged

People like to consume videos. the growth in video viewers around the world proves it. So, videos embedded in your PowerPoint slides can help you keep your audience excited about your presentations.

4. Help you sell more

Do you use presentation slides to convince your prospects or customers to buy from you? Including videos in your PowerPoint presentations can improve your sales. Indeed, videos increase conversion rates.

Why can’t I add a video to PowerPoint?

Here are the common reasons why you cannot add video to PowerPoint:

  • You are trying to embed an unsupported video from your hard drive
  • Your internet connection is disabled if you add a video from Vimeo or YouTube
  • Your PowerPoint program may be corrupted
  • Your video file may be corrupted


Now that you know how to embed a video in PowerPoint. It’s time to create an impressive presentation to wow your audience

Playing videos in your PowerPoint slides can make your presentations more powerful and provide excellent conversion rates. But you should avoid common PowerPoint mistakes and make sure that each embedded video complements the content of the slide.

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