How to Create and Add Custom Bullets in PowerPoint or Word

Usually when people create a list in Word or power point, they would use bullet points to define items related to the topic. Bullets are usually displayed as a large circle, but Word and PowerPoint offer several other bullet styles that users can use. Users can customize their bullets by replacing bullets with other symbols or using an image as a bullet. Users can also change chip size and color. In PowerPoint and Microsoft Word, users can change the bullet alignment, and there is a section where you can see the preview of the bulleted list.

Follow the methods below to create and insert custom bullets in PowerPoint or Word and how to add sub-bullets in Word and PowerPoint:

How to Create and Insert Custom Bullets in Word

To throw Microsoft Word.

On the Residence tab, click Balls in the Paragraph group.

You can select a default bullet from the menu or create custom bullets.

To create a custom bullet, click Define a new chip from the menu.

On the Define a new chip dialog box, you can choose to create a custom bullet from a symbol, image, or font.

If you choose to insert a symbol as a custom bullet into the document, click the button Symbol button.

A Symbol the dialog box will open; choose a symbol from the dialog box and click OKAY for both boxes.

The bullet symbol appears in your document.

You can also use bulleted images in Microsoft Word (see the link below for how to add bulleted images in Word.)

If you select the Character font button, a Character font dialog box will open.

In the dialog you can change the The font style, Cutand Color of the ball.

Then click OK for both boxes.

In the Define a new chip dialog box, you can align the bullets in your document.

Click it Alignment list box and choose an option and click OKAY.

The bullets will line up according to the option you selected.

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How to Add Sub-Bullets in Word

To add sub-bullets in a Word document; follow the steps below:

On the Residence tab, click Balls in the Paragraph group.

Choose a chip from the list.

Press enter to see another chip.

Then click the Chip button again, place the cursor on the Change list level in the menu and select Level 2 from the list.

Do the same for the others by levels (level 3, level 4, level 5, etc.)

You will notice that the balls for each level are different. If you want the bullets to be the same, click the Ball button and change the style of each bullet to the same.

If you want to return the bullets to their normal layout, place the cursor next to the word next to the bullet and click the Decrease shrinkage button on the Residence tab in the Paragraph group.

How to Create and Insert Custom Bullets in PowerPoint

To throw power point.

Insert a table of contents layout and enter some bullet points in it; you don’t have to insert a bullet in the table of contents layout; it is automatically inserted into the layout.

Highlight the list; then click Balls on the Residence tab in the Paragraph group.

In the drop-down menu, click Bullets and numbering.

A Bullet and numbering dialog box will open.

If you want to add images as bullets in PowerPoint, follow these steps:

Click it Picture button.

In the Insert picture dialog, you can choose where you want to get the image from (from file, stock images, online images, and icons).

We choose to get the Icon images; type the icon you are looking for, then select an option from the menu and click Insert.

The bullets will turn into pictures.

If you select the Personalize button, a Symbol dialog box will open.

Choose a symbol from the list and click OK for both boxes.

In the Bullets and numbering dialog box, you can select a default bullet and change the bullet size and color; To do that, follow the following steps.

Select a default bullet from the list and choose a size from the Cut list box.

Click it Color list box and choose a color from the list.

Then click OK.

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How to Add Sub Bullets in PowerPoint

Place the cursor between the second bullet and the text, then click the Increase list level button on the Residence tab in the Paragraph group; do the same procedure for the other members of the group.

What is the difference between bullet points and numbering?

In Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, the bullets feature uses dots to create a list, and if the bullets are customized, it will allow users to insert images and symbols into their document or slide, while the numbering feature is used to create a numbered list; it offers options to format your bullets in numbers, alphabetic letters and roman numerals.

How to insert automatic bullets in PowerPoint?

In Microsoft PowerPoint or Word, you can turn automatic bullets and numbering on and off; follow the steps below to enable and disable automatic bullets and numbering:

  1. Launch PowerPoint
  2. Select File > File > Option > Playback.
  3. Under the AutoCorrect Options section, click the AutoCorrect Options button.
  4. Select the Auto-Format As You Type tab.
  5. Check or uncheck the box for automatic bulleted or numbered lists.
  6. Then click OK.

We hope this tutorial helps you understand how to create and add custom bullets and sub-bullets in Word and PowerPoint. If you have any questions about the tutorial, let us know in the comments.

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How to Create and Add Custom Bullets in PowerPoint or Word