How to convert MS PowerPoint presentations to Keynote

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Check how to convert MS PowerPoint presentations to Keynote

When it comes to presentations, PowerPoint is the industry standard for many people. That is, for those who use Windows products. Apple users will tell you that Keynote is the standard for them. We live in a world where Windows and Mac users have to coexist. That’s why you need to learn how to convert PowerPoint to Keynote. After all, you will have to work with PowerPoint users every now and then.

How to convert PowerPoint to Keynote

Open a PowerPoint presentation in Keynote

  • Turns out, opening a presentation in Keynote is easier than you might think. It is clear that Apple has recognized its role as the second player in the presentation applications market and knows that it will take time to achieve PowerPoint market share.
  • So opening a PowerPoint presentation in Keynote is pretty straightforward. On your Mac, open PowerPoint and find the PPTX or PPT file. Then click Open to start Keynote.
  • Now you will see the presentation in Keynote. You might see warnings about items that didn’t translate well in Keynote, but don’t worry about that just yet.
  • I am always impressed with how well this conversion process works. For example, the integrated audio, images and video worked perfectly in my tests. Unless those files are very unusual or specific file formats, the conversion usually does maybe 90% of the work. When the conversion is complete, save an updated version of the file as a .keynote file.
  • Keynote will automatically take care of most of the work during the conversion stage. However, this might not be the only step you need to take to prepare your presentation for use in Keynote. Read on to adjust everything else.

Review warnings

  • You may have noticed when opening a PowerPoint presentation in Keynote that there are a few caveats about how “PowerPoint presentation can be different”. Keynote reports any issues that may have arisen during the conversion.
  • Let’s see how to correct and modify the presentation so that it converts as best as possible between the two applications.

Replace fonts

  • This issue is not specific to converting PowerPoint to Keynote presentations, but you will likely see this issue while converting. You need to replace the fonts if you haven’t installed them on your Mac.
  • When downloading presentation templates from Elements, the author is likely to use free fonts available online, so be sure to check the documentation and download the available fonts if so.
  • To replace a font, click the Replace Fonts … button in this pop-up window. You will have the option to select replacements from the drop-down menu. If you know a similar font, you can select it from this drop-down menu to replace all instances of it in your Keynote presentation, as you can see in the screenshot below.
  • If you don’t have access to the fonts used by the PowerPoint author, you might need to make substitutions. From the Replace Fonts menu, choose alternative fonts from the drop-down options.

Consult tables and graphs

  • PowerPoint has very advanced graphics features thanks to its tight integration with applications like Excel. Stacked bar charts, pie charts, and more are easy to create in PowerPoint. Keynote also makes it easy to create charts, but formats aren’t translated one by one.
  • The problem is, when you try to import these graphics into Keynote, they don’t convert easily. This aspect is just one area where conversion sometimes fails.
  • Simply put, you might need to recreate some new charts in Keynote. It’s a type of content that doesn’t convert easily. The two presentation platforms have implemented different ways of doing graphics, and it’s natural that this doesn’t always work perfectly.

Final Words: How to Convert MS PowerPoint Presentations to Keynote

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