How to Convert Apple Keynote Files to PowerPoint Presentations

Apple’s Keynote files are great, but what if you need to export them as PowerPoint presentations? Here is how you can do it.

Apple Keynote app running on a MacBook

Apple’s Keynote app is part of their iWork suite, the equivalent of Microsoft Office devices for Windows. Several iOS and Mac users use Keynote to create presentations. However, when you step out of the Apple ecosystem, you will encounter compatibility issues with Keynote files.

Unfortunately, Microsoft PowerPoint doesn’t natively support Keynote files, which means you need to convert them to a compatible file format before you can access your presentations on a Windows computer or Android device. Here, we’ll cover the different ways to export your Keynote files as PowerPoint presentations.

How to Convert Keynote Files to PowerPoint Presentations on iPhone and iPad

Let’s start with the Keynote app for iPhone and iPad, as many people who own them also use Windows PC. First, make sure you have the Keynote app installed on your device and then follow the steps below to convert them to PowerPoint files:

  1. Open the Main speech app on your iPhone or iPad and select the presentation you want to convert.

  2. Press the Following button, which is indicated by a three-dot icon.

  3. Then select Export in the context menu.

  4. Now choose power point for the exported file format.

The Keynote app now prompts you to share the converted presentation. You can use the iOS share sheet that appears on your screen to share the converted file with your contacts or save it to the Files app.

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How to Convert Keynote Files to PowerPoint Presentations on Mac

The Keynote app on Mac works the same as its iOS / iPadOS version. However, due to operating system differences, the steps to follow vary slightly. So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Start the Main speech app on your Mac and open the presentation file you want to convert.

  2. Click on To file in the menu bar, then choose Export to > power point from the drop-down menu.

  3. You will have the option to add a password to your converted document. Click on Next Continue.

  4. Select the desired name and location for the converted file and click Export.

Export to PowerPoint Keynote

As you can see, the procedure is quite simple. You can now open this file in Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides and continue to make changes to the presentation. Moreover, you can also choose older file formats from Advanced options when exporting to make sure the converted file is compatible with older versions of PowerPoint.

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How to Convert Apple Keynote Files to PowerPoint Presentations in iCloud

Don’t have access to an Apple device right now? No problem. You can use the iCloud web client to quickly access your Keynote files and convert them to PowerPoint files. All you need is an Apple account and a device with a desktop web browser. Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Visit using your web browser and sign in with your Apple account.

  2. To choose Main speech from the list of applications displayed on the home page.

  3. Find the file you want to convert and click the three points icon that appears when you hover over it.

  4. Now select Download a copy from the context menu.

  5. Finally choose power point as the download format.

Download a Keynote copy from iCloud

The file should now start downloading to your device in .PPT or. PPTX file format used by PowerPoint. You don’t have an Apple account either? In this case, you can use the CloudConvert site to convert your Keynote files to PowerPoint presentations.

Easily convert your Keynote presentations to PowerPoint files

You aren’t limited to just one method, even if you don’t have access to an Apple device. Therefore, if someone accidentally sent you a Keynote file that is not supported on your Windows computer, you can still use iCloud or CloudConvert for file conversion.

However, if you are using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, be sure to export your document in the format supported by PowerPoint for better compatibility between operating systems.

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