How to add comments in a PowerPoint from the web?

Microsoft 365 offered the flexibility to work from anywhere and from any platform. The collaboration of different devices and platforms has proven to be a blessing during the recent pandemic. It helped users manage their work, edit it, and also enter review notes, even if they were geographically separated. Read on to learn how this feature works with PowerPoint. Learn to add comments in a PowerPoint from the web. Not only that, but you can also respond to comments added to your presentation on the web.

Add comments in PowerPoint from the web

Adding comments in a PowerPoint presentation from the web is quite similar to how we add comments on the PowerPoint desktop app. Besides adding comments, you can also perform the following actions.

  1. Adding a Comment to a Slide, Object, or Text
  2. Tag someone in a comment
  3. Show or hide comments in a PPT
  4. View and respond to comments
  5. Editing comments
  6. Delete a comment

Let’s look at all of these action items in more detail.

1]Add a comment to a slide, an object or a text

To add comments in a PowerPoint from the web, follow these steps:

  1. First, select the slide, object or text for which you want to add the comment.
  2. Select now Exam then click New comment.
  3. If the Comments pane is open (or you can open it by clicking Show comments), then you also select New to add a new comment.

Add comments in PowerPoint from the web

  1. There is a third way to add a new comment. Go to Insert. Now click on Comment.

Add comments in PowerPoint from the web

  1. You can also use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Alt+M from your Windows computer.
  2. Now in the Comments pane, type your message in the box and select Job.

2]Tag someone in a comment

Just like the PowerPoint desktop app, you can tag someone in your comment by using the @ sign with someone’s name. This way, the person you mention receives an email with a link to your comment.

Read on to learn how to tag someone in Microsoft 365 using @mention.

3]Show or hide comments in a PPT

The functionality is nothing but opening the Comment pane or closing it. This way the comments are visible or hidden to the other user.

To hide comments, click the See tab, then click Normal.

Add comments in PowerPoint from the web

To view comments, go to Exam tab, then click Show comments.

Even when comments are hidden (meaning the Comments pane is closed), you can choose to show comment markup on slides.

  1. To do this, go to Exam tab then go to Show comments
  2. In the drop-down menu of Show commentsselect Show markup.
  3. This way, the comment markup is visible on the slides.
  4. Markup symbols can be moved anywhere on the slide.
  5. When you click on one of the markup symbols, you can see the corresponding comment.

Add comments in PowerPoint from the web

4]View and respond to comments

Responding to comments is the same as the PowerPoint desktop app. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Select the comment in the Comments pane.
  2. Now select Answer to respond to the comment.
  3. Click on Job.

5]Editing comments

Unlike Microsoft PowerPoint’s desktop application, anyone can edit any other user’s comments. Comments for an Office document are stored in the file, so anyone with edit access to your file can edit your comment.

To edit comments, follow these steps:

  1. In the navigation pane, in Normal view, click the slide you want to comment on.
  2. Now go to comments pane, click the comment you want to edit
  3. Then click on the pencil icon to make changes.

6]Delete a comment

To delete a comment or the comment thread, follow these steps:

  1. In the comments pane, select the comment you want to delete
  2. select More thread actions (…), then select Delete Thread.

I hope this quick guide helps you add comments or perform other comment-related actions.

How do I enable comments in PowerPoint?

You can enable or see comments in the margin or comments pane by clicking the Feedback button in the upper right corner of the PowerPoint window.

Is it possible to use PowerPoint online?

With PowerPoint for the Web, you create presentations directly in your browser. You can create and save your presentations to your OneDrive, edit them, and share them online. You don’t need any additional software and you don’t have to install anything.

Add comments in PowerPoint from the web