How I use PowerPoint to make learning more engaging

In my role as a Grade 5 teacher, I’ve come to believe that one of the best ways to bring technology into the classroom is to start with the lesson itself.

Lessons can be digitized and formatted in a PowerPoint. I teach with PowerPoint or Google Slides. These resources are very user-friendly for teachers and students. This makes the content creation process easier for the teacher. Whether
students create a presentation, a simple how-to would cover the basics of where some options are located and how to use them.

When students create their own slideshow, it allows them to use their creativity and build their self-confidence. Most of my students love showcasing the work they have created because they are proud of what they
accomplished and I want to share it with others. It is a way for students to show their artistic abilities and ideas in their work. When students submit their presentations, teachers can comment directly on the slideshow. This real-time feedback allows students to see where they made a mistake, and they can edit only the part of the presentation where the mistake was made.

The comments section can serve as a place where teachers give students positive feedback
feedback on their work. Using a slideshow also allows students to get a visual overview
representation of the subject they are learning and presenting.

As school returns to normal post-COVID, virtual classes are still widely used and are very popular both in the classroom and in a virtual learning environment.

Learn from blogging mentioned the importance of PowerPoints with virtual classrooms: “To facilitate distance learning, PowerPoint offers various audio and visual tools. Its point-to-point method of explanation makes difficult concepts easy for students. This visual introduces a new topic while helping to engage students.

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