Google to shell out $100,000 on free online courses in data analysis and design for US businesses – Tech Observer

Google is willing to shell out $100,000 to provide free online courses in data analysis, design, and other technology skills to all American businesses and workers. According to the company, the offer marks a great expansion of Google Career Certificatesa program the company launched in 2018 to help people around the world enrich their resumes by learning new tools at their own pace.

More than 70,000 people in the United States and 205,000 worldwide have earned at least one certificate, and 75% receive a benefit such as a new job or higher salary within six months, according to Google.

Courses, designed by Google and sold through an online training service Coursera Inc.each typically costs students around $39 per month and takes three to six months to complete.

Google will now cover the costs of up to 500 employees at any US company, and it has valued the grants at $100,000 because people typically take up to six months to complete.

Lisa Gevelber, The founder of Grow with Google, the company’s unit that oversees certificates, said course completion rates are higher when people pay out of pocket, but the new offer is worth it if it could help some companies to acquire digital knowledge.

Certificates are also available in IT support, project management, e-commerce, and digital marketing. They cover popular software in each area, including Google advertising services.