Foreigners Taking Vedas and Ancient Indian Science Online Courses Launched by Gujarat University of Technology

Eager to learn more about the Vedas, Upanishads, Arthashastra of Kautilya and the advancements made by ancient Indian science and technology, people from countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Tanzania and Australia have joined online courses recently launched by a state university here in Gujarat, officials said on Sunday.

Gujarat Technological University (GTU) – a state university dealing with subjects such as engineering, architecture, management, pharmacy and computer science – has received enrollment of a total of 889 students for its first batch of 12 three-month online certificate courses related to ancient Indian knowledge systems.

Besides students from 21 Indian states, those from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Tanzania and Australia have also joined the courses jointly launched last month by the GTU Center for Indian Knowledge Systems called “Dharohar” and the Bhishma School of Indic Studies, an organization working to disseminate “ancient Indian wisdom,” officials said.

Classes cover topics such as Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, ancient Indian science and technology, architecture, arts, culture and traditions, Arthashastra and political science of Kautilya, kings and Indian emperors, Dharma and religions, classical literature and the global imprints of the Indian. diaspora.

According to officials who run the courses, the topic “Veda Study” was the first choice for admission, with 238 people signing up for the same. Kautilya’s “Arthashastra and Political Science” and “Ancient Indian Science and Technology” are the second and third pick, respectively, in terms of popularity based on the number of registrations, they said. Although the exact number of foreign students who registered for the course was not provided, officials said a majority of Saudi Arabia opted for “Arthashastra and Political Science” and “Veda Study”, while those in Australia opted for “Study of the Vedas” and “Ancient Indian Science and Technology”. A majority of people in Kuwait and Tanzania have opted for “studying the Upanishads,” they said.

“The new education policy emphasizes the knowledge system and ancient Indian traditions, and many people wish to gain better knowledge on subjects such as the Vedas, Upanishads, Arthashastra, science and ancient Indian technology, etc., “said Prashant Kunjadiya, secretary of Vigyan Gurjari, the Gujarat branch of Vigyan Bharati, which works for the promotion of indigenous science. Vigyan Gurjari facilitated the launch of the course at GTU, Kunjadiya told PTI.

He said people responded positively as these courses are open to anyone, regardless of any age or qualification limitation.

“There are many such courses offered elsewhere, but people are more attracted to these courses because the reputable university (GTU) offers certificates after they are completed,” he said.

These courses, GTU officials said, will allow students to disseminate knowledge of ancient Indian culture and science.

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