Fix Word, Excel, PowerPoint Encountered Error

Some Microsoft Office users experience issues with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications. Whenever they try to open any of these apps, they get an error message saying “Word encountered an error.” The same error message also appears when opening Excel and PowerPoint. According to the affected users, by clicking on the Repair now button does not solve the problem and when they click on the To help button, it closes the Microsoft Office application. If you have such a problem with Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, the solutions provided in this article may help you resolve it.

Fix Word, Excel, PowerPoint Encountered Error

If this problem occurs on your system, you will see one of the following error messages:

  • We’re sorry, but Word encountered an error which prevents it from working properly. Word will need to be closed accordingly. Would you like us to repair now?
  • We’re sorry, but Excel encountered an error which prevents it from working properly. Excel will therefore have to be closed. Would you like us to repair now?
  • We’re sorry, but PowerPoint encountered an error which prevents it from working properly. PowerPoint will therefore have to be closed. Would you like us to repair now?

Here’s how to fix Word, Excel, PowerPoint has encountered an error that is preventing it from working properly once and for all.

  1. Run the Office application as an administrator
  2. Run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter
  3. Delete some Windows registry keys
  4. repair office
  5. Change your default printer
  6. Troubleshoot issues in Clean Boot State
  7. Uninstall and reinstall Office

Below we have described all these fixes in detail.

1]Run Office application as administrator

Sometimes problems arise due to administrative permissions. You can verify this by running the affected Office application as an administrator. The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. Click Windows Search.
  2. Type the name of the affected Office application.
  3. Right-click on the Office application in the search results and select Execute as administrator.
  4. Click Yes in the UAC prompt.

If the error disappears and you can use the Office application, you can check for Office updates. If updates are available, Microsoft Office will install them. After that, the problem should go away. Otherwise, try the following solutions.

2]Run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter

Running the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter solved the problem for some users. You can also try this method for the affected Office application. The process is explained below:

Right-click the desktop shortcut of the relevant Office application and select Compatibility issues. If the shortcut icon is not available on your desktop, click Windows Search and type the Office application name. After that right click on it and select Open File Location. This will open the Troubleshooter for program compatibility.

Troubleshooting with the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter

The Program Compatibility Troubleshooter will take some time when you launch it. After that, it will show two options. You must select the Troubleshooting program option. Now click I don’t see my problem listed.

Test the program using the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter

Select the previous version of Windows (Windows 8) and click following. Now click on the Test the program button. Click Yes if you receive the UAC prompt. After that, Windows will open the Office application. The error message should not occur this time.

Now close Office application and click on following in the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter. Click on Yes, save these settings for this program.

3]Delete some Windows registry keys

You are going to delete some Windows registry keys. Follow all steps carefully, because deleting or modifying the wrong key in Registry Editor can cause serious problems with your system. We recommend backing up your registry to a hard drive and creating a system restore point before proceeding.

hurry Win + R keys. When the Course command box appears on your screen, type regedit and click OK. Click on Yes in the UAC prompt. This will open Registry Editor.

Delete some registry keys

Navigate to the following path:


Expand the Common folder by double-clicking it and delete the following subfolders:

  1. Experience
  2. Experiment Ecs
  3. ExperimentTas
  4. Open the Licence folder and delete the CurrentSkuIdForApp case. If the folder is not there, skip this step. Do not delete the Licensing folder.

4]Repair office

Affected users tried to repair Office by clicking the Repair button in the error message, but this did not resolve their issue. You should try running an online repair for Microsoft Office. Online repair has solved the problems of many users.

5]Change your default printer

Sometimes the problem occurs when the Office application fails to access the default printer. Change your default printer and check if the problem persists. You will find the option to change the default printer.

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6]Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State

A possible cause of the problem you are currently experiencing is the conflict between the Office application and a third-party application. To identify the problematic software, start your computer in a clean boot state, then open the Office application. If the problem goes away in the Clean Boot state, one of the disabled apps is the culprit. Now enable some of the disabled programs in Clean Boot state and then boot your computer in normal mode. Launch the affected Microsoft Office application. If the problem occurs, one of the apps you just enabled is causing the problem. Start disabling these enabled apps one by one and launch the Office app each time you disable the app. This process will help you identify the problematic application.

Once you find the problematic app or software, consider uninstalling it. Or you can check if there is any updated version available for the software on its official website. If so, install its latest version.

7]Uninstall and reinstall Office

The last step to get rid of this error on Office applications is to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Office. You can uninstall Office from Control Panel or from Windows 11/10 Settings app.

How do I fix the problem, we’re sorry, but Word has encountered an error?

This error prevents Microsoft Word from working properly and makes it unusable for users. If you receive this error on your Microsoft Word application, first launch Word as an administrator and check if the problem persists. If the error does not occur, you can update Office. If that doesn’t fix the problem, running an online repair might fix the problem.

Why are my Excel and Word not working?

If you find Excel and Word not working, crashing, freezing or unresponsive, you can try some fixes, like:

  • Disable add-ons one by one and then check if the issue still occurs. This method will help you find the problematic add-in (if any).
  • Check for Windows Updates.
  • Sometimes the problem occurs due to permission issues. Launch Excel and Word as administrator and check if it brings any changes.
  • Repair Microsoft Office.
  • Disable Protected View.

We hope the solutions provided in this article helped you fix the problem.

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Word, Excel, PowerPoint encountered an error