Endress + Hauser and ISA to offer extensive training services


Endress + Hauser and the International Society of Automation (ISA), a non-profit trade association for leaders in industrial automation, announce their current and future collaborative efforts for training and certification.

ISA will provide selected certified training courses in conjunction with Endress + Hauser’s instrumentation training courses, such courses being offered on-site at Endress + Hauser’s Process Training Units (PTUs) located across the United States. United.

“Combining a selection from the in-depth ISA training offering with the many instrumentation training choices provided in Endress + Hauser’s world-class PTUs provides a powerful set of options for instrument technicians who need help with their professional development, ”said Jerry Spindler, Client Education Manager. director, Endress + Hauser USA.

Combine strengths for advanced offers

In an effort to advance the training of personnel in the process industry, Endress + Hauser has designed and built 11 PTUs across the United States. These large-scale, functional processing units provide hands-on experience with the types of setups, operations, diagnostics, and troubleshooting found in real-world processing plants.

With this strategic collaboration, ISA brings its advanced expertise in controls, valves, drives and other areas outside the Endress + Hauser portfolio to more students, and in a real environment. ISA will send a representative to PTU Endress + Hauser to teach the material with a transparent and holistic approach. This provides a world-class one-stop-shop for training where learners can advance their technical training, eliminating the need for training from multiple vendors.

ISA has long been a certification provider for automation professionals through its Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) strategy. The CCST program provides objective assessment and confirmation of the skills of control systems technicians. Endress + Hauser and ISA will focus on Level 1 certification training, which confirms that technicians have a broad knowledge of calibration, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting.

Adding value to the industry

“We are excited to partner with Endress + Hauser and build on the strengths of our respective organizations,” said Geri McGrath, Director of Global Education and Outreach at ISA. “The combination of Endress + Hauser’s PTUs and ISA’s training services provide increased workforce development opportunities for industrial automation and control professionals. “

Additional offers for a tailor-made approach

To get the most out of training, it is important that learners understand their specific needs, as what strengthens employees in one company may not be necessary in another. To address this and other issues, Endress + Hauser and ISA have co-developed an online assessment tool for personalized training. Designed for convenience and ease of use, the assessment generates a report highlighting staff strengths and knowledge gaps for an organization. From there, representatives work with these organizations to create a training plan tailored to their specific needs. This online tool is being developed in accordance with the ISA CCST body of knowledge and will be made available on the ISA and Endress + Hauser websites in 2022.

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