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E-Tabs launches editable PowerPoint / Google Slides tool

February 14, 2022

London-based MR software and solutions company E-Tabs has launched a cloud-based report automation platform, to help researchers generate fully editable reports in PowerPoint and Google Slides/Sheets from their tables online dashboards and their CRM systems.

E-Tabs develops and provides data visualization and reporting software and services tailored to the market research industry. Its new “Enterprise Cloud” accepts data from anywhere and then populates decks with fully formatted and customized PowerPoint or Google Slides “templates” designed to match the equivalent of the online dashboard. All charts and tables remain fully editable after being filled in.

Built around a cloud version of the company’s existing desktop automation solution, Enterprise Cloud connects to online dashboard platforms such as PowerBI, Tableau, and more to generate on demand fully customized and editable chart sets. Bridges are populated with filtered data selected by the user, then Enterprise Cloud returns the completed report via an email attachment or download link.

CEO Benjamin Rietti (pictured) comments, “I think the beauty of Enterprise Cloud is how its advanced technology allows virtually any web application to export data into PowerPoint charts and Google Slides entirely editable and pre-formatted with minimum hassle and maximum flexibility. By leveraging the cloud, there is no need to install or learn new software, and existing reporting platforms can plug into our API and effectively leverage advanced charting capabilities.’

Website: www.e-tabs.com .

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