College sorority suspended over ‘racist’ PowerPoint presentation

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A sorority in North Carolina has been suspended after a member gave a PowerPoint presentation in which she noted photos of black soccer players.

The presentation took place at Methodist University last week, when a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority guided his audience through a series of images showing members of the University of London football team. ‘last year.

During the presentation, the sorority member reportedly pointed out features such as dreadlocks, noses and lips and discussed whether she found them unattractive with the apparent aim of being “funny.”

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The sorority was widely condemned after a photo of the sorority member standing next to the presentation was posted online, and following the incident, Methodist University released a statement saying the sorority has been suspended indefinitely, pending an investigation.

We believe in action and we act. Last week, we immediately launched a full investigation into a reported incident. This week, the hearing process is already underway. We will complete the hearing process as soon as possible while following our established protocols.

Alpha Delta Pi has been ordered to cease and desist from all activities.

Methodist student Ja-Quez Harrell is a former member of the college football team and commented on the presentation after receiving a photo of it the next day.

Talk to WRAL, he commented, “I don’t see why something like this is funny. I don’t see how funny it is. With everyone who was there, how come no one stopped him?

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Methodist University said it could not comment on any possible case involving a student, but diversity chief Quincy Malloy stressed in a statement on Facebook that the school does not tolerate racism.

He wrote, in part, “We abhor racism in all its forms on campus, and immediately investigate all possible incidents of racism and act appropriately as the facts warrant.”

The person responsible for the presentation reportedly apologized to one of the soccer players included in a direct message, in which they claimed that they “didn’t want any of this to be targeted at individuals and certainly didn’t mean anything. all of this in a malicious way ”.

The sorority member also promised that the presentation “was not aimed at African Americans in any way.”

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