CFPB is looking for cloud training services – MeriTalk

According to a request for proposal (RFP) posted on

The CFPB T&I is responsible for the IT infrastructure of the office. As the office migrates to more cloud-based solutions, it needs to train its IT professionals on the latest cloud technologies. The selected vendor will provide an on-demand online mobile learning platform with expert cloud computing content geared towards several different experience levels from beginner to expert.

The functionality of the platform and content library should include the following: mobile online and on-demand access; ability to assign learning paths to selective teams; measure skills development for cloud transformation and change management; instant access to a secure cloud infrastructure for experiential training; and more.

The selected contractor will also be responsible for providing an online course catalog with various specialist training courses in cloud-based technologies. The training includes continuously produced and updated training content covering the fundamentals of cloud computing, pre-designed learning paths covering other industry standard cloud ecosystem technologies, and exam simulations that enable users to test their knowledge and skills in preparation for common certifications of cloud computing providers.

All proposals are due September 2nd.

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