Sometimes it’s a good idea to number your slides in PowerPoint, especially if you have a long presentation. Here’s how. If you use Microsoft products like Word and Excel, chances are you also use PowerPoint for presentations. Depending on the purpose, these presentations can be short or long. While one-pageRead More →

Seventy-Four/ Most people are familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint. It is one of the most popular and widely used slideshow apps. But Microsoft has another app for creating presentations called Sway. So how is Sway different from PowerPoint and which one should you use? How PowerPoint and Sway are similar EachRead More →

Use a pointing arrow in your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to gently drag eyes from point to point. Image: dennizn/Adobe Stock Nothing points the way like an arrow, does it? They indicate exits, special exhibitions, the queue and much more. They are everywhere, but perhaps underutilized in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. UsingRead More →

The Portable Document Format, or PDF, has become the most popular medium for transmitting documents in businesses. However, PDF attracts less attention than PowerPoint when displaying animated content. This has consequently led to the need for PDF to PPT conversion. With various PDF converters available, which one is the bestRead More →

Introduction Have you ever made a PowerPoint presentation and felt something was wrong? The basics of PowerPoint can make it difficult to put together a slide presentation. Confusion, boredom and even annoyance can result from poorly planned presentations. Concentrating for a while during a presentation can be difficult. You willRead More →

If you’ve ever had to create a beautifully designed template for a presentation or for school, chances are you’ve used Microsoft PowerPoint. After all, PowerPoint presentations are common in academic and professional settings. Websites to download free PowerPoint templates have gained popularity as they save time and effort in creatingRead More →

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is still commonly used to create graphic presentations in business and education all over the world. Millions of people use it daily. Although it is quite software, creating a presentation takes time. So why not speed up the process and use Powerpoint keyboard shortcuts to improve yourRead More →

You don’t need to install PowerPoint on your computer to open or edit a PowerPoint document. There are two Microsoft-approved methods for creating, sharing, editing, printing, and opening these files, and both are 100% free. Microsoft allowed you to open slideshows without PowerPoint with their free visualization tool, but itRead More →

MS PowerPoint is a great tool. And its uses go beyond just creating beautiful PowerPoint presentations. From creating a poster to transforming your presentation ideas in a video, you can do a lot more with this tool. In this tutorial, we will explain how to create a roadmap in PowerPoint.Read More →

Microsoft is developing a PowerPoint update that would allow users to add a new degree of customization to their video presentations, perfect for online or hybrid setups. (Photo: Sunder Muthukumaran on Unsplash) New Microsoft PowerPoint Update Reports of Techradar shows that according to Microsoft, the headlining feature they will soonRead More →

Creating a PowerPoint presentation that reflects your personal or professional style can be challenging. Although some of the themes offered by PowerPoint are fantastic, some of their backgrounds are less than tasty. Fortunately, you can quickly remove these backgrounds and replace them with your favorite eye-catching graphics. PowerPoint is Microsoft’sRead More →

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You can save time by creating the perfect medical presentation with a professional PowerPoint template. Download and create highly professional medical presentations using these Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates. All SLIDE MEMBERS slide templates for PPT, Keynote, Diagram and Chart can be downloaded from the web for any varietyRead More →

Hiding text in PowerPoint lets you reveal when it will have the most impact. Learn how to hide text until clicked in PowerPoint. A well-prepared PowerPoint document can make or break a presentation. You may have information that you don’t want revealed immediately so that it will have more impactRead More →

This article appeared in issue 8 of Creative MagazinePro. Microsoft’s PowerPoint development team isn’t one to stay on its heels. Almost every few weeks they push out new tweaks and additions to Microsoft 365 subscribers. Usually these are small things, but sometimes these features, such as Morph or Designer, makeRead More →

SLIDE MEMBERS brings you a robust collection of free ppt templates, free Google slides and free presentation themes from its website to give your presentations a polished and professional look. These SLIDE MEMBERS PowerPoint presentation templates can be used for business reports, annual reports, pitch decks, real estate market reviews,Read More →

If you want to create engaging PowerPoint presentations, you should consider adding voiceover narration to your slides. A slideshow accompanied by a voiceover can make your PowerPoint presentation come alive. In this article, you will learn how to make a PowerPoint voice over step by step. But first, let’s exploreRead More →

A Venn diagram is a great tool for presenting a logical and complex relationship between presentation ideas, groups, people, or things. And the best part is that you don’t need an expensive app to create a great Venn diagram. In this article, we will learn how to create a VennRead More →

Although PowerPoint is not an image editor, you can use it to edit images in your presentation. To blur your images in PowerPoint, follow this guide. You wouldn’t think of using PowerPoint as an image editor, but it has a few hidden tools up its sleeve. For example, you mightRead More →

Microsoft PowerPoint is a go-to tool for most of us to show presentation ideas to our audience. But you can also use it to design poster presentations. Whether advertising or promoting an event, PowerPoint lets you create a poster for any purpose. In this article, you will learn how toRead More →

Depending on the type of slideshow you are creating in Microsoft PowerPoint, music can be the perfect addition to the slideshow. You might want a fun catchy song on a slide or a gentle, subtle melody throughout the presentation. We’ll show you how to add music to PowerPoint in differentRead More →

Microsoft PowerPoint is a great tool for turning your presentation ideas into reality. But PowerPoint presentations are also a surefire way to bore your audience to death if you don’t make your presentations engaging. To get your audience hooked, adding video files to your presentations can be a good strategyRead More →

Creating Polling Slides in PowerPoint Launch the Turning desktop app and click Start now on the PowerPoint poll mosaic on the dashboard. This opens Microsoft PowerPointand Turning is added as a floating toolbar. There are six sections in the toolbar: Contents, Course, Vote, Sessions, Software, and Slideshow. The Contents isRead More →

Small business owners use Microsoft PowerPoint presentations for multiple purposes. Whether it’s a business presentation, an elevator pitch, or a financial presentation, PowerPoint never lets you down. So, learning how to turn a PowerPoint into a video can go a long way because a video has more reach and convertsRead More →

If used sparingly, a slideshow with music or audio can help keep your audience’s attention without sounding too professional. Audio can also be an important talking point – for example, if you’re featuring a song, jingle or soundtrack. In this guide, we’ll show you how to add audio to PowerPointRead More →

Some Microsoft Office users experience issues with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications. Whenever they try to open any of these apps, they get an error message saying “Word encountered an error.” The same error message also appears when opening Excel and PowerPoint. According to the affected users, by clicking onRead More →

Along with Word and Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint has been an integral part of many people’s lives for over 30 years. It has changed a lot over this time, but retains the same main function – producing compelling and eye-catching slideshow presentations. For many years, outright payment for Office was theRead More →

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Google Slides is Google’s answer to PowerPoint, and like Docs and Sheets, it’s a perfectly usable way to create slideshows for presentations. Just as Word documents and Excel spreadsheets can be converted from a traditional Microsoft Office file into an online format that can be accessed and edited at anyRead More →

Adding a YouTube video to your PowerPoint presentation is a great way to make it exciting and engaging. It might be a low bar with a PowerPoint, but if you can keep people watching and listening longer, you’re more likely to get a good result from your presentation. Here’s howRead More →